Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
April 07, 2020

According to reports Covid-19 emanated from Wuhan, a province of China that is one amongst the most populated area in the world. The pandemic heats Chinese severely hard since November 2019, as corrupt as Fulani controlled Nigerian government, China declined giving accurate death toll of individuals killed by corona virus, this stage managed behavior of the Chinese government was to give the impression that the virus is totally under control.

Nobody takes the illness serious since the Chinese government relaxed on her oars not to reveal nor alert the world of the consequences of what has befallen them. Unknown to humanity how deadly this pandemic could be since China hide about the catastrophic effects of this deadly virus to humanity, foreign nationals from different parts of the world usually troop in China either for business trips, diplomatic missions or leisure, not actually in the know that their death trap has already been arranged by this Corona Chinese virus that broke out within a space of three months.

The calculated plan behind the Chinese government aloofness to alert humanity is to make sure that these diplomatic missions and individuals contract this virus and return same to their country's of origin so as to infect others there quickly. The speedily spread of this virus like light movement in physics overwhelms human reasoning beyond control to which entails it is a laboratory created strain virus. Initially, Chinese Visa Entry was very cheap, her borders were open for immigrants and very surprisingly once the pandemic becomes a global hazard Chinese borders were shut down by the Chinese authority.

Although, they claimed the virus was from bat, snake and life consumption of reptiles by Chinese citizens without expatiation and this was nothing but fallacy, their failure to elaborate the accidentally outbreak for clear understanding has shown it might be a well orchestrated plan motivated politically undertone trick to spread the virus. Whereas, in actual sense it has been Chinese custom to eat life reptiles from time immemorial without being hurt. China is a business hub and center of world attraction, Nigerians were not exceptional among the foreign nationals that contracted the deadly virus, more especially political hoodlums from core Northern Fulani extraction.

As Alleged, the open pronouncements as confirmed cases of Covid-19 virus by Fulani political thieves and public fund looters as being positive or tested positive for Covid-19 was either to extort the World Health Organization or attract sympathy for cheap political self-interest, who knows?. Advanced continents like Europe and America are battling to survive the pandemic with world first class medical facilities yet the Chinese virus is vigorously taking their lives. The Nigerian government on the other hand, criminally are extorting funds locally from rich and well to do Nigerians as Covid-19 emergency fund and through the office of Finance Minister.

Ongoing research to eradicate the pandemic with successfully evidences abound, the virus was not naturally spilled up as claimed earlier rather was a failed man made experiment to checkmate humanity and deviltry control of the New World Order in favor of few control desperate folks. As hopeless as Nigerian government is, instead of protecting her citizens from the global pandemic, the Fulani Almajiri in various political positions saw it as an avenue to mobilize Fulani terrorist sects in military uniform to continue the unabated state sponsored killing of the indigenes of Warri, a province in Biafra land with accrued funds raised to fight Covid-19 pandemic.

Very pathetic, a self-acclaimed giant of Africa begs ventilators from an American billionaire business man Elon Musk by Federal Ministry of Finance and National Planning via her twitter handle, it reads; “Dear @elonmusk @Telsa, Federal government of Nigeria needs the support of 100-50 Ventilators to assist with
#Covid-19, cases arising everyday in Nigeria”. Inquiries made so far from reliable sources examined one ventilator cost at ten thousand US dollars ($10,000), and about three million, five hundred thousand naira (#3.5M), in Nigeria exchange rate.

This forecast and analogy above also entails that Nigerian government is broke to an extent they cannot afford to equip the Nigerian National hospitals with ventilators to curb the wide spread of this Covid-19 pandemic irrespective of billions of naira donated by concern Nigerians rather they are scouting for means to steal and exploit from rich white people this time around using Covid-19 as a bait for this criminality act by Nigerian government officials. Meanwhile, the Camry 2020 Model worth thirty five million naira (