Compiled By Biafra Reporters |The Biafra Post April 19, 2020 1. At first, Nnamdi Kanu renders powerful prayer in the language of heaven (Igbo). 2. We do not worship any idol, we do not worship any graven image, we bow to nothing that the eye can see because you are a spirit. IPOB is your creation and not created by any man alive. 3. It is like a chess game we are playing, it doesn't matter what you do, capturing the King is important, we went for Aso Rock and we are crumbling the zoo. 4. I told them Chukwu Okike Abiama said I will destroy the zoo, I will not fire one gunshot but the zoo will fall and now the zoo has crumbled. 5. Tell our people in the Northern part of the failed Nigeria to organize themselves cos we are going home. 6. Any proclamation, any utterance and decree I made here must come to pass. Anything I said has come to pass, I don't possess any power but Elohim said anything I say here is behind heaven's instruction. 7. I have no car, I have no home, I have nothing and nothing matters to me now because my aim is Biafra and nothing will stand in my way. 8. When my parents died from the complications of the attack on my home, rather than become upset, it occured to me that the promise heaven made to me that anytime I sit behind this microphone and speak a word, that it will come to pass. I have continuously repeated here that I will sacrifice anything sacrificiable to see Biafra restored. I knew I had to lose something as supreme sacrifice for Biafra to come. 9. In the book of Judges Chapter 12. Jeptha was a Judge in Israel. He made a vow before he went to war, he said he will sacrifice the first thing that comes out of his house once he comes back from war, he went to war and on returning, the first person that came out was his one and only daughter. Because he has made a promise to heaven. He did it. 10. God in heaven knows I don't hate anybody, I want everybody to free. From the lowest Almajiri to the Yorubas in the west, to the suffering Tivs and Jukuns in the Middle Belt, I want everybody to be free in the land of their ancestors. That even if we want to have a country that everybody will come together, willingly, voluntarily to join the union not by force and that is about to come to fruition. 11. Now I am certain that now that the head of the serpent (Abba Kyria) has been cut off. The zoo has collapsed completely like a pack of cards. 12. The Yorubas know that Buhari is dead, out of cowardice and fear, they kept supporting evil, they see the truth and they suppress it. We have such efulefus in Biafra land but we overcome them through our consistency. 13. Abba Kyria was evil that anybody who speaks good of Abba Kyria is evil. Abba Kyria was the one who sent Python Dance 1 to 4 to Biafra Land. He is ten times worse than Abacha. He was a kleptomaniac. When you stand on the side of the truth, you must remain resolutely consistent, to not move, do not waiver, do not shake. 14. Abba Kyria died on the 2nd day of April, we announced it, they were busy running around to get a mask for Abba Kyria instead of telling the people the truth. 15. Abba Kyria embezzled #13.5 billion naira meant for Aso Rock Clinic. Himself and his family took over NNPC as their family business. 16. There is nobody more corrupt than Magu the EFCC Chairman. He keeps money for Abba Kyria. 17. I keep going back to what I said before, Yoruba have not learnt anything from what happened to them before, they do not know history. 18. The message I have for them, my Yoruba brothers is that their blind envy and unfounded hatred against Biafra will ruin them. 19. Who are the people paying taxes in Lagos?. Who are the people importing goods in Lagos?. Who runs the economy of the zoo?. Are they not Biafrans?. When the MKO Abiola crises broke out and Biafrans left Lagos, was there still anything going on in Lagos. 20. Yorubas should find some people else to hate and not Biafrans, Fulanis took away Ilorin from them not Biafrans. Your duplicity as Aso Rock is crumbling, Yoruba media must be held responsible. 21. You think if you support evil, I will support you?. It is impossible for I will be destroyed by God any day I support evil. 22. Some of you may not remember that I told the whole world that everything Biafrans were forced to endure during the war that Nigeria will experience and suffer from it. When I said it, it sounded ridiculous and unbelievable but eventually and without fear it comes to pass before our very eyes. 23. We do not go to Yoruba land to kill them rather we go there and develop their land. Burning down our houses and shops makes no difference because whoever that is blessed by heaven cannot be cursed by man. If you burn one shop, you will see three spring up. The whole world tried it with Israel, they kept trying eventually Israel prevailed. 24. Tukur Yusuf Buratai is on the run now. 25. I do not need to be diplomatic when am telling you the truth. I do not spare my people who are evil because they must change. 26. My brothers from the Coastal region that thinks Igbo man is their problem, before your very eyes, Fulanis' took over NNPC and gave you nothing but pipeline security guards. 27. Those "our oyel" singers I ask you, So there is no oil in Anambra?. There is no oil in Ukwa?. There is no oil in Egbema and Awo-mama even in Owerri?. 28. All the oil that you are seeing they lift everyday, it is coming from Igbo land. They move it through pipeline because no ship can come into Orlu. So in all your life nobody have ever told you that shell BP started in owerri?. How do you think they move oil from the desert, your limit of education is that the only people that have oil are those living around the River where you see the ships. 29. Adeleke was arrested for having a house party, who has been arrested for the flouting of the social distance order at Abba Kyria burial?. Yoruba media you do not complain because you are weaklings. 30. The official lingua franca in Abuja governmental offices is Hausa, if you don't like it you go, and you want to be in the same country with this same people?. Good luck to you but not Biafrans, we are going where we belong. 31. There is a Yoruba man I have respect so much, he is Pa Ayo Adebanjo. I respect him for his consistency, he never changes from his stand. 32. Some Co-ordinators ran away with some bags of rice, ordinary test I gave them, they have failed and they must be dismissed. 33. There will be nothing like siren in Biafra land from some bunch of idiots. Everyone will be equal. 34. Who is more corrupted than Abba Kyria and Tinubu?. Yet they imprisoned others. 35. If they don't release Olisah Metu and Orji Uzor Kalu, I will make sure that Magu won't travel abroad. 36. We are here to make sure that the creation of darkness is obliterated forever. 37. Now who has the shame?. Abba Kyria was buried in a Public Cemetery, while My parents were buried in their homeland. 38. Once a Police man or army kills anybody in Biafra land, overpower them and kill them back. Return their brutality with brutality. 39. Mazi Uchenna Edeh is the cordinator for the Northern part of Nigeria. Assemble our people because we are going home soon. 40. I am dissolving on air a group of criminals called 24 elders in Igweocha. Every week as I preach, anybody involve in any criminality in IPOB, I will expose you before the world. 24 elders are dissolved from tonight, disappear and hope we do not find you anymore, anybody associating himself with them is a criminal. We cannot condone criminality in IPOB or in a new Biafra. We are not like Nigeria and cannot ever be. 41. The Orlu cordinator, Chidi Nwachukwu is hereby expelled from IPOB, he took 1.4 Million to supply a relay station. He went to where we installed a relay station and relocated it instead of bring a new one and thereby pocketed the 1.4million given to him. He stands expelled from IPOB. 42. Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who went to bribe my diplomats in US In order to keep failed Nigeria as one, he also denied that there is no Christian genocide going on in Nigeria by the Islamic terrorists has been infected with coronavirus, today where is he?. 43. If you cannot obey a Superior Officer in IPOB please resign and walk away before I call your name on air. 44. There is nothing any soul can do to stop Biafra restoration. 45. Any day Jubril/Buhari visit abroad, we'll sacrifice lives. He must be unmasked & then we go to court". 46. Mark my words! Just the way Abba Kyria's death has been confirmed, one day they will also announce that Buhari is dead. 47. Abba Kyria has been meeting with Hope Uzodinma [the Imo State imposed Governor], at Aso-Rock, if you have met hope, you may have covid-19. Go and test yourself. 48. It has been confirmed that UK, US, France are now using hydrochloquine to cure coronavirus, they should use it on Yemi Osibanjo so that he may live
:::::::::::::::: Closing Remark:::::::::::::: Biafra is our religion, Radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama remains our eternal God. From me from here, it is good evening.

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