By Chinedu J. Godwin | Biafra Reporter April 19, 2020 Freedom has appeared in this debate like a pandemic, to justify this on rational grounds has become unjustifiable in the contraption called Nigeria. As the global contemporary politics of interest begun, the most important thing to take out from this era is the highlighted astonishing cowardice, primitivity and backwardness of Africa as a race and continent. You will recall that long after the Second World War that lasted from 1939 to 1945, the world moved on, continents and countries keep developing and advancing socially, politically, economically both in technology and science but Africa chose to live in ignorance and stupidity. Could one imagine that countries in South America, Europe and Asia , even the like of Philippine, Singapore, UAE and Malaysia that used to depend, learn and import palm oil and nuts trade from Africa are now well developed with basic Infrastructures and Social amenities, isn't it ironic how Africa is the only continent that is still subjected to neo-colonialism because every other race understands and realizes that the very essence of human existence is to acquire the ability that allows man to effectively change the conditions of his physical, mental and social existence based on the positive knowledge of the world and of himself. Often times Africans have allowed prejudice blaming the situation of Africa as to the consequences of bad governance and leadership but quickly forget the root cause of our problems, that a leader is chosen by the people in other words a leader is suppose to be good to the people he or she is leading by being honest and truthful, accountable and lead by example. Here we make leaders based on what he can give to us in exchange for our rights and freedom. The objective stupidity, duplicity and hopeless of African leaders today is virtually seen traveling around in most of the advanced countries of the world to merry and stash our resources away. Africa will continue to live in shackles depraved of freedom not until the people revolt against the sort of leadership that has engrossed the continent. In every other part of the world there came a time in their history that the people stood up and revolt against their corrupt leaders to determine and control their future and destiny. You must have heard of the Chinese communist revolution, led by the Communist Party of China and Chairman Mao Zedong, resulted in the proclamation of the People's Republic of China, on 1 October 1949. That's why today China is boldly fighting to lead emerging clandestine totalitarian world government against the principles of governance. Elites, intellectuals and political scientists from African origin have historically been bad foreseeing the importance of development, that's why over the years Africa have continuously being used as experimental laboratory, recall that Dr. Jean-Paul Mira, head of ICU services at the Cochin Hospital in Paris, and Camille Locht, research Director for France's National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), these two Doctors appeared on French National TV Network on LCI, and said that Africa should be the ideal place to conduct a clinical trial for the unverified Covid-19 vaccine as they did many years ago with HIV vaccine in South Africa. Have any of the African head(s) of States bother to ask this pertinent question to the world and the French government in particular, why is it there seems to be a global fear on and about Africa ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic?. Institutions and governmental body like the United Nations, European Union, World Health Organisation and even The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), has consistently express fear of the impending doom coming to Africa not minding the fact that the dreaded corona virus has only recorded 873 deaths in the African continent, the truth remains that the world knew African for what it is, that Africans are bereft of human development and civilization and as a matter of fact because of Africa backwardness is the sole reason why the black race is been subjugated all over the world. The past and present events has shown that African leaders have failed her masses and will continue to fail them if we fail to utilize this opportunity presented to us - Africans by this corona virus outbreak and revolt against these corrupt leaders in corridors of power; until Africans learn to reason like humanbeing and stand up to the urgency of now, I am afraid sooner or letter Africa will be obliterated as a continent for black race. Our predicament as blacks should give us huge concerns because our so called leaders don't care if we life or die, what we are witnessing in Africa is a classic failure of leadership across all fronts and the theoretical and practical presumption of abundant stupidity in Africans as a people, for you to appreciate an exhaustive analysis of historical cases. Just take a close look at Nigeria and what it has become today, it's evidential that the ruling classes serve only themselves, their sole interest at the expense of everyone else, undermining the beliefs that these inequalities will ever be addressed by the political elite is a typical lie that only the oppressed will address it through revolution. All hope are not lost as we can still correct our collective mistakes as corona virus has presented itself as a metaphor for revolution, having in mind that the eagerness to liberate and to build a just society where freedom can dwell relative to the history of civilization is the very idea of revolution.

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