By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
March 29, 2020

Historically Fulani race were called Peul or Fulbe people, with sole Islamic orientation intent, belief or religion. They are scattered through many parts of Africa, from Sudan, Lake Chad, Mali,. Niger and Northern Nigeria and also claiming falsely that Fulani Empire or Kingdom extends to the Atlantic Coast of Oduduwa Republic, Benin Republic and Biafra Republic. They are more of wandering strangers occupying densely in West Africa sub region. The Fulani ecological ecosystem and interconnectedness with host communities was, still remains dichotomous mixture of oil and water.

They comprised more of calamity, cannibalism, conquest, jihadism, extremism, terrorism and corruption to those mainly in various political positions. The Fulani race has no specific carve out ancestral or geographical domicile origin or settlement inherited naturally, they can be found in Mauritania, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Niger, Sierraleone, Nigeria, many more but mention a few not as original indigenous owners of land but invaders. The Fulani as a race is like a contaminated virus/parasite in a body cell that pinches, with only motive to terminate the free flow of blood vessel. Fulani presence in many communities or nations always a course to the indigenous population, they confiscate joyfully serene, peaceful atmosphere of owners of the land or host communities, their excesses, barbarism can neither be curb nor curtail with flexi elbow like COVID-19. They are more of a bio-virus terrorizing the entirety of Africa continent with aids of their political jingoists in power.

The Fulani race no doubt through their recklessness against the host communities is more of course than blessing, their inherit conquest ideological imp draws Africa continent backward, unrest and underdeveloped to compete with Western developed nations in a competitive world of science and technology, socio-political and economy wise etc. The Fulani race are the epicenter of terrorism with daft brainless myopic corrupt unscrupulous elements as elites. They are corrupt personify than corruption itself with no skill to convert raw material into finish goods, only depends on consuming, scavenging and terrorism for survival.

In Northern Nigeria extraction alone, marauding Fulani terrorist merchants have full control of the terrain illegally extorting, imposing levies to masses, curtsey of both political godfathers and religion Sultanate as grand patron of Jihadism with the massage of expansionism of jihad extremism to deep her Koran in the Atlantic ocean beyond their boundary from West Africa to holding a foot of the Atlantic Coast. In most cases, Fulani political heavyweights always decisively presented themselves to fight corruption while their brain dead ends in political turmoil, economic recession without modification of any standard, both their political and economic blue prints are primordial. Every country controls by Fulani is under severe state sponsored terrorist attacks by Fulani gimmicks with cow mentality socializing that political power is their birth right given to them by Allah.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), Nigeria rates as Poverty Capital of the World. On the other hand, retain her lead top position on Global Terrorism Index, as a country being ravaged by Fulani terrorists and armed militias. Evidence abound, in no account has a captured Fulani terrorist(s) face persecution instead they are being rewarded with underserved positions in various security outfits to continue unabated government back up terrorism against the vulnerable minority with contrary views.
Unlike Fulani, democracy as a generally or most accepted modest way of governance in international politics with laid down peoples oriented constitution consistent with UN Charter that enhances freedom of speech and rule of law, Fulani believes in totalitarian and autocratic system with concentration of power among the political bourgeoises.

To drive home my points, the argument in Nigeria today, Fulani military formation in Biafra land and Middle Belt illegally roaming inside the streets harassing, torturing masses with little or no provocation in a suppose democracy by abandoning their primary obligations to defend the territorial integrity of the nation against external aggression. Military decree considers as supreme above the constitution, infiltration of military by harden terrorists in guise of repentance and rehabilitation under tyrant Gen. Muhammadu Buhari's impostor, was mainly targeted to flush out Christian soldiers in the Nigerian military formation-says Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo Youth.

The Janjaweed Fulani terrorists foot soldiers conspired and ambushed more than 70 military personnel troops and mainly Christians with rocket propel grenade near Gorgi village in Borno State on Monday was well orchestrated state sponsored terrorism, targeted attacks at Christian soldiers is more deadly than COVID-19, this attack was against Eastern solders as verified by an anonymous insider - the source claimed. The casualties in Gorgi village, is equivalent with Chinese pandemic Corona virus bio weapon contracted by imported de-facto President Abba Kyria and other Fulani political criminals.

Be that as it may, the pandemic virus finally catches up the Fulani supremacy as well, exposes the their long hidden impostor Mohammadu Buhari’s maladministration coupled with corrupt practices since he came into office in 2015. It is on record, that Gen. Mohammadu Buhari during the state budget formation, budgeted and took out the total of #12.04 billion under his corrupt APC political Party regime, this money was swindled from the State National treasury for the refurbishing of the Aso-Rock Presidential clinic, yet no single syringe and other medical facilities were provided as highlited by Mrs. Aisha Buhari.

Who is deceiving who? While gullible Nigerians were meant to believe that five victims of Corona Virus patients in Lagos had recovered from this virus attack but both the de-facto President and his remote control employed political impostor - Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani were secretly sneaked out of Nigeria for Cuba to receive medical treatment for contacting the global pandemic imported disease living his British laboratory fallout animals behind to die. This Fulani criminal elements are on the pages of newspapers claiming that Aso-Rock Presidential Villa is undergoing fumigation against Fulani Abba Kyria imported Covikk One Nine Virus.

Currently, Nigeria seat of power Aso-Rock Abuja is vacant, the dumbest decoy and an incompetent political contractor - Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani suddenly disappeared likewise with Abba Kyria his employee, there has been indefinite suspension of parliamentary plenary sessions over Fulani imported virus, all are advice to take World Health Organization precautionary tips serious on Corona Virus '19, same way be prepared to repel attacks from Fulani miltias as always they might take advantage of this pandemic vacuum to unleash mayhems on defenseless vulnerable masses like it occurred to the people and residents of Ondo-Akure this morning.

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