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Febuary 6, 2020

Bellow is the list of check points where Nigeria security forces are terrorising, and harassing Biafrans extorting  Billions of naira  through Bribry while Boko Haram runs a mock in the North!
All the Nigeria military check points leading to Abia state or within Abia state are now doing complete body search for every Biafran travelling on the road, checking telephones and intimidating people .
Be watchful as you travel from one place to another in Abia..

Nigeria military/police check points and buff zones ABA TO UMUAHIA

(1) flyover junction Aba (Army)

(2) Urratta junction Aba (Army)

(3) Ariaria junction Aba (Army)

(4) Enyimba junction Aba (Army)

(5) Tonimas junction Aba (Mopol)

(6) Umuojima junction Aba (Mopol)

(7) Osisioma junction Aba (Army and Mopol)

(8) Tonimas by express (Police and Mopol)

(9) Umuimo junction (Mopol)

(10) Umuaduru junction (Mopol)

(11) Arungwa junction (Police)

(12) Osuokwa junction (Army)

(13) Umuika junction (Navy and Mopol)

(14) Ntigha junction

(15) Isiala Ngwa junction (Police)

(16) Umuchima junction (Mopol)

(17) Ubakala junction (Mopol)

(18) Abia Tower/Ofeiyiamano junction (Army and Police)

(19) Mission hill junction (Police)(20) Onuasa junction (Police)

20) Onuasa junction (Police)

(21) Okpara square junction (Police)

(22) Club road junction Umuahia (Police)

(23) Cooperative junction Umuahia (Police)

These Are From Igweocha (Portharcourt ) To Aba (1) Imo gate first MOPOL check point (2) Imo get second MOPOL checkpoint (3)ASA first 144 Battalion army checking point (4)ASA Second 144 army Battalion checking point (5)ASA Obuzo first MOPOL checking point (6)Ama Orji Asa MOPOL checking point (7)Abga MOPOL checking point (8)Ihe first MOPOL checking point (9)Ihe Junction Second MOPOL Checking point (10)Obeihe MOPOL checking point (11)ALA OJI MOPOL checking point (12)Ariara Aba MOPOL checking point

Umuahia to Enugu check points continue ......

Army/ police Checking Points From Umuahia to Enugu. (1) Abia tower, Army checking point (2) Umuamdi juncation Police checking point (3) Before Okigwe market CTU checking point (4) At Okigwe market Army checking point (5) At Okigwe junction NNPC Police task-force (6) After Okigwe juncation 343 Army barrck/ checking point (7) Along Okigwe to Lokpanta: 1 Civil Defence point 1 CTU checking point 1 Police checking (8)Aki na Ukwa junction Police High way checking point.

(9) Isiawah juncation Army checking

(10) Along Aka Na Ukwa
1 CTU checking point
1 police checking point
(10) At Nkwo market Police checking point
(11) From Nkwo market to Express 4 Cona two Army checking.
(12) Express corner Police checking point
(13) Nayama Briged Police checking point
(14) M T D (before Garrick ) Poiice checking point

(15) Before Atizan CTU checking point.

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