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Febuary 24, 2020

By IPOB Intelligence Team (M. Branch)

The Nigeria military check points in South Eastern region is not there to protect anybody in that region rather to protect the influx of Fulani herdsmen assigned to carry out killings in Biafra land. From a top security personal name withheld who took it upon himself to carry out this underground assignment he was tipped off by one of his northern colleague.

He said that all these military check points in the East is not for our security but to protect the FULANI herdsmen. A fact finding team was sent to look into this information and they came back with the following informtion and it seems to be true.

Imagine , From Enugu going towards the north that's Nsukka through new by pass of ugwogo Nike- opi Nsukka road, you drive to a place called Ekwegbe, it's an empty land where Fulani herdsmen graze, there is an army check point there , you drive 2km over the hill, again you meet another army check point . From that point, if you lift your eyes either left or right like 400m from the point you will see cows grazing close to the military

Along Enugu Onitsha expess, from golf flyover to Ugwu onyeama there is army check point. That place is the Fulani headquarter in Enugu, the left and right is flooded with grazing cows.

The cashew plantation there have been taken over by Fulani people , the women from Abor the indigenous owner can no longer step their feet into those cashew plantation without being killed .

It is now the Fulani women that harvest those cashew and sell them at 9mile. After that, is another army check point at Ugwu oba Oji River. That is the bush where they Fulanis graze and sell at Ugwu oba and Amansea Awka cattle market.

Along 9th mile Enugu markudi road, at Umuoka there is an army check point, both left and right is a grazing land for Fulanis . it is also a notorious Fulani robbery and kidnapping zone down to imilike Ani a town close to obolloafor.

There is army check point. Left and right, 100m from the point you can see the grazing cow. Down to Inyi, a boarder town between Enugu and Benue state is army check point.
Left and right are vast bushes where they graze. Then coming from Enugu -Port harcourt express, from Enugu city to Ituku some 2km from UNTH is army check point, both left and right you will visibly see cows grazing not more than 400m away from the army check point.

Furthermore , is Lokpanta army check point, left and right you will see Fulani grazing their cows. Some 400m away is Lokpanta cattle market. Next is another army check point close to the road going to Arondizogu both left and right is empty land with Fulani cows grazing visibly 400m away.

Another army check point is after Okigwe round -about, just in front of the new cattle market established by Rochas Okorocha. Take a look both on your Left and right side you see cows grazing along the road. Same thing until the last one before Imo river, all of the army check points. You will see cows grazing within 400m away. So those check point is just to protect Fulani in the bush.

Some of our people are sleeping while Fulanis are circling us on a daily basis.

Share this widely , many communities are on the Fulanis list to take them over soonest, we must wake up to face these terrorist Fulani herdsmen on the edge of committing genocide in our land .

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