By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter February 07, 2020 It sounds ridiculous seeing fiddle minded hallucinators of one Nigeria perceived giving other ethnic nationalities orders in this contraption called Nigeria, this has got to show that somehow, someday the cemetery named Nigeria will die a natural death, when Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders of Nigeria had claimed being responsibile of hundreds and thousands of innocent souls mowed down in a cold blood with villages raided to ashes yet perpetrators are working freely nor neither been clampdown by the Nigerian military nor brought to book for justice sake but can send same terrorist inclined Nigerian military to lay siege in a serene community of Afara Ukwu Ibeku Umuhia - the country of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria is a terrorist arm of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari APC led government; this terrorist organization is one of the major stake holders in this regime and government of a former dictator releasing life threaten press communiqué for the Presidency without facing trial. All the terrorist groups are from Fulani Northern Nigeria Caliphate, they include Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria -Fulani herdsmen, Boko Harram, ISIS-ISIWAP, Fulani Bandits, Fulani Kidnapers etc, they are interwoven and interrelated to each other with same force methodology, ideology, conquest, annexation, killing of innocent people with contrary views, faith, beliefs and ways of life. One amongst these terror groups were initially hiding, specially trained for Fulani Jihadi conquest of Middle Belt, Oduduwa Republic and Biafra Republic in the open contracted Gen. Mohammadu Buhari to be her chief negotiator, extracts from tyrant Mohammadu Buhari address made it very clear in no contradictory terms that “Fulani herdsmen are not Nigerians, he claimed they were from Mali, Niger, Northern Sudan and Chad but his rogue regime failed to fight against them rather treated them with kid's glove. Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari Presidency finally assured the Fulani race to flood Nigeria for settlement and automatic citizenship irrespective of national variables. The illiterate backward born Fulani Gen. Mohammadu Buhari contravenes the rights to citizenship code of conducts –citizenship by conquest, force and annexation rather than by birth, nationalization and registration was ushered into the Nigerian National Population Census by this APC led rogue regime. Incessant day to day killings by these blood thirsty nomadic terrorist groups from Sahal were emboldened by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari. Later on tyrant Mohammadu Buhari wanted settlements for all non-Nigerian and Nigerian Fulanis' by flagging up Ruga Settlement for all Fulanis', his claims were that giving out your lands to his brothers will help curb the farmers/Fulani herdsmen clashes - that was in June 2019. Surprisingly, hallucinators are complicit to foresee severe jihad war at their door posts, some are under religious bondage to think critically that self-defense remains the only panacea for safety while myopic Christians hide under Christendom giving unnecessary excuses to face reality that Nigeria is a threat for Christians to live. Instead of facing these state sponsored terror monsters eye ball to eye ball in a battle field prefer to be slaughtered at will by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari terrorist government believing that Nigeria will someday become heaven for them. What a shame! The same Fulani cabals in Aso Rock claimed that they never knew Boko Haram still exit are the same Boko Haram sympathizers enrolling self-acclaimed repentant Boko Haram/herdsmen terrorists into the Nigerian military formation making it official for them to continue the unabated dehumanization of other ethnic nationalities lumped together in this contraption. The same Fulani Aso-Rock cabals once boasted to have technically defeated Boko Haram are the same people cutting deals with terrorists, promised to install terrorist in the highest political positions in compliment of hard work and job well done for the killings of innocent Nigerian masses. The same Fulani Aso-Rock cabals are deceiving the world that Nigeria is a save heaven are the same people shielding terrorists calling them fellow brethren with presidential treatments. The same Aso-Rock Fulani political big wigs claimed Fulani people only rear cows with sticks were spotted seen with sophisticated riffles killing the Nigerian masses indiscriminately. The same Fulani Aso-Rock cabals claimed they are fighting terrorism are the same people arming terrorists to continue killings, instilling fear in the minds of the masses to enable them retain power at all cost. The same Fulani Aso-Rock cabals that cautioned and warned the Christians Association of Nigeria - CAN that CAN sounded as a political party for the killing of CAN Chairman were the same Fulani Aso-Rock cabals that forced Islamic suicide bomber to changed his name to a Christian name to look as if he was a Christian suicide bomber. What an irony! Christians in Nigeria are not only seen as infidels, minority or unsafe in their suppose country but seen as dogs and children of dogs that must be hunted or mowed down until they all convert to Islam. These blood sucking terrorist groups from Fulani hegemony never give a damn only focus on their forefather’s Uthman Dan Fodio assertion that from Sokoto to the banks of Atlantic Ocean belongs to them. Though, some Igbo efulefu benefiting crumbs from their masters table always like to sound politically correct to an extent resources at their backyards is controlled and managed by the Fulanis' in faraway Sokoto. Yet after sounding politically correct gets killed without or little provocation or come back in shame like most Biafran politicians that are fanatic for one Nigeria, it is very pity, what a world of agony. These terrorist Janjaweed trigger happy killer squads are Fulani ethnic group, mostly violent Islamic extremists forced by climate change to move towards the more temperate Christian South between 14 million to 15 million. They were more or less linked to Boko Haram says by NGO Director Benard Nenri Levy, in a recent article published by Wall Street Journal. The so called Nigerian men of God are busy purchasing private jets for leisure while their members are vulnerable victims of Islamic Jihadi conquest with a mandated #200 Naira daily donations by Fulani jihadists. The tithe money ought to be used to acquire arms for self-defense lavishes recklessly. Fulani terrorist spiritual father Ejike Mohammed Mbaka, can hint a closed door meeting resolutions that he had with political desperadoes from Northern extraction in the name of prophecy to unseat Hon. Emaka Ihedioha, former Imo State governor through travesty supreme court bias adjudication but cannot see the killings of Christian minority in the North. One thing is well assured all sadists, regime atrocities in world history ended in disgrace, tyrant Mohammadu Buhari won’t be exceptional, Arewa Consultative Forum can throw their weight behind terrorist regime but the end justified the means, just a matter of time.

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