By Kelechi Okorie| Biafra Reporter
February 23, 2020

It might interest one to know how timid, jittery the APC ruling party led government is whenever the name Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB is mentioned. Initially, the Almajiri Fulani government of Nigeria thought the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), was one amongst the unstable self-interest Igbo social political groups that agitate for crumbs or can be bought over with mundane. Contrary from their earlier perception, Nigeria keeps failing woefully to overrun this emancipation global freedom movement. Irrespective of enormous responsibilities and challenges on her shoulder IPOB’s leadership remains consistent and determine to triumph over all adversities against all odds.

Time without number Aso-Rock cabals, the epicenter for power concentration in Nigeria and Islamic caliphate quarters issued threats as notice to scuttle and test the Indigenous People of Biafra resolve to restore Biafra in a midst of state sponsored tyranny by marauding foot soldiers of General Mohammadu Buhari, IPOB remains focus on her quest for the restoration of Biafra's heritage, dignity as a people.

Supreme leader of this formidable group is a charismatic leader by example, frontier of resistance to the tyranny, Islamic conquest of this era. His truth stewardship style makes Biafrans embraced him to an extent it earns him a place in the hearts of all his followers around the world. He is influential above all Igbo politicians put together, he neither has guns nor bullets, he is apolitical but controls political power with wisdom, truth and honesty.

His thunderous voice behind microphone alone shakes fraudulent Nigeria’s foundation and incompetent terrorist APC led government. He is a man that saw tomorrow, a reliable prophet of the time, all his words came to passed within a space of time beyond human comprehension. Few amongst many, the global measuring terrorism index and the impact of terrorism, rates Nigeria 3rd position above Somalia with 6th position. 2019 Global Terrorist Index is a fresh typical example, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu quoted to have said back then in 20th March, 2014. “if they fail to give us Biafra, Somalia will look like a paradise to compare with Nigeria”.

Perhaps, through Nnamdi Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra resoluteness has put an end to the artificial boundaries adjustment and minority commission that brought divide and rule mantra in Biafra Land, this Fulani gimmick has been thrown into oblivion of nonexistence. Fulani bestowed division amongst Biafrans was quashed by Radio Biafra through enlightenment, socialization, workshops, symposiums and by so doing brought about the unification of Biafrans and unity becomes severely stronger more than ever.

During one of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s broadcasts, he openly said he is coming back with hell, the broadcast stirs and brought fear within the Fulani oligarchical illiterate Alamajiri APC terrorist regime, the Nigerian Presidency through her Information Minister and Culture - Mr. Lai Mohammed demanded that Israeli Foreign Minister repatriate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu back to Nigeria to continue with the trump-up charges concocted as trial but was declined by the Israeli government, the inconsequential request by dictator Mohammadu Buhari’s tyrannical government however depicts how autocratic his Presidency can be.

Furtherance, before the Republican Party came to power in USA, it was specifically aired over the Radio Biafra, anchored by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that Donald J. Trump, will win the United States of America Presidential general election, he continue to infer that under a USA Republican Party dispensation and administration will Biafra restoration become a reality. A good political scholar can ascertain the fact Nostradamus predicted back 400 years ago has same affinity with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s prediction.

According to Nostradamus “a powerful prince will arise in the world at the trigger of Africa gun”. In world map (prime meridian) indicates Biafra is the center of the earth before It was obliterated courtesy of British business merchants and interest which uninterruptedly, illegally and artificially created puppet nations in African continent. For more clarification, Fred Jr. Trump’s elder brother to President Donald J. Trump in 1968, joined the protest in support of Biafra freedom and against the genocidal war crime meted out on Biafra children and the people of Biafra from 1967-1970.

Despite indirectly using staunch Biafran Fulani slaves, puppets and stooges in Biafra land government houses to penetrate, infiltrate Biafra soil so as to sell their birthrights for a bowl of porridge, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is relentlessly fighting for the integration and liberty of all Biafran stocks around the globe to be a free people irrespective of creed, association and religious beliefs. Biafra will make a black or coloured individual(s) to be embrace his/her black heritage proudly as a people with common goal and interest, the black man dignity as a people will be restored.

Fulani nomadic political desperadoes knew all about this, that the coming of Biafra and her restoration will eradicate nepotism, tribalism, mediocrity, misnomer for Fulani killers, religious bigottery and to a larger extent curb the surge and inflow of terrorism in West Africa sub region that is virtually taking over Africa as ripe and a hot bed for radical, extremism Islamic expansionism sweeping down the Atlantic ocean and will put a stop to Fulani supremacy lording it over other ethnic nationalities; Fulani iron fist of rulership will become a history for learning and academic reference purpose.

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