Written By Anyi Kings
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Febuary 7, 2020

ISIS will enter the zoo and Chad, unless, and this is from Islamic Newspaper, as i told you before anything you hear from radio Biafra is correct, I told you in this platform that they will come for you, you see let me tell you one thing people don't know, because they don't know history,

I forgive some of you because in your school in the zoo they don't teach you history. I want some people to go and sit down and study the history of Islam, Islam is the only religion that have never stop growing, Islam is the only religion that are expanding through millitancy and war, others have stopped, only islam, christianity is based on convincing people, telling them about the message of hope and restoration of Yahshua. offcourse immensely corrupted, that we know for sure, but Islam believe in expanding through wars, and that war is coming.

Now i must be put on record and Uche mefor you must record this broacast and play it all the time for our people to listen and understand and listen very carefully, and if you come to me in the future i will refer you to the broadcast of this night 8th of june 2015, and am making this comment at exactly 10 munites to 8pm in the evening,

If ISIS comes down into the zoo, offcourse they are part of boko haram any way, if they forge ? not if they, because they have forged an alliance, if they lauch any attack in the name of ISIS, on the zoo soil, if you come to us to give us weapon, i will decline it. I will allow them to kill all of you before we mount any counter offensive, let me tell you one thing you don't understand, some of you claim you went to school, but you didn't go to school, because if you went to school, you will understand how Islam works, Islam is coming for you, they must come M.U.S.T must there is nothing anybody can do about it, only you can defend yourselve,

This head line here is a confirmation if you need one, Atiku Abubakar said it yesterday that ISIS is coming not even boko haram but the real bad people are coming, They need access to the oil and they will get it to secure their finacial base to keep their expantion within the sub sahel Africa,

The zoo is seen as pivitol and Biafra land is where the resources they are looking for is lying in, they don't trust Buhari any more, Buhari was their God father , but they no longer trust him, i mean boko haram in this instance, Buhari they thought will give them sharia immeadatly, Buhari said i don't belong to any body.

From that day, They intensify bombing some of you can not reason and can not see very well because you are blind, but at least you are lucky, you are listening to the radio Biafra, very very lucky indeed, or else, ( aka anwu unu na aka ofu na ofu,) In your blindness it is that darckness we" ve come to shed light on, So that you can see properly, if they enter the zoo, i would not command this Army, and (Anam aku ya ka ekwe')', I need guns and i need bullets, guns and i need bullets, i have been sounding this warning (Oshi na ofu nti banye oshi na ofu nti feepu, )

You think they are joking, they are coming, Your mothers will be raped, your sisters will be married off as slaves, as i speak write it down, Biafra land will be decimated,unless we equip this Army to defend us, IF we don't equip our army to defend us in other words if we don't match this year it will be very very difficult for us to recover.

Forget all these nonsense ! (Ndi oshi na awughari ebenile,) All these so called pro Biafra you are seeing, Hausa brought them out to confuse you, Hausa brought them out, that is why they cannot say what we are saying, These are Hausa groups, and you are not listening , (Unu anaghi anu ihe, asi na obu agwa nti mo nughi ihe , egbu pu isi, nti esoro, )

Because the devil has gone into, all these idols that you worship,( arusi a nile unu ne efe,)

The devil has gone inside you to harden your heart, to blind your eyes that you can no longer see, that i will tell you to remember the broadcast of the 8 of june 2015, i will tell you to go back to it, i need guns and i need weapons, if i don't have guns and bullets the army of Biafra can not defend your village, the sooner you get that into your tick skulls the better for everybody,

You are black people you don't reason i know that for sure, but, the sooner you take this message very seriously the better for everybody, ISIS is coming they will enter the zoo and Chad very shortly not as boko haram they are coming in as their franchise as their name indicate, ISIS is coming, If you like you make haste while the sun shine or if you like you can continue to be dumb and stupid that i entirely up to you. (Ngbe aga egbu unu ) when you will be killed i won't be there but you will be there any way, if you like you give us gun, if you like don't give us, we are trying to save you not you saving us, we must continue.

Published by Anyi Kings
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