Mr. Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, (CJN)

Authored By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

January 18, 2020

The outlawed judgment delivered by the Supreme Court of Nigeria where a former Nigerian Senator - Mr. Hope Uzodimma of APC was criminally declared winner has indicated that the seven man panel of Judges acted on written script handed over to them by APC stalwarts and ASO-ROCK cabals to cause restiveness in Imo State. The Mathematical formula used by these corrupt judges to topple the government of Mr. Emeka Ihedioha from first position and declared Mr. Hope Uzodinma from fourth position to become the winner is more powerful than the almightier formula.

The rubber stamp dishonorable judges and their intents were criminally minded statistics hid under the arm of the Judiciary working for the Executive arm of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari led government to dispense injustice, had finally made a mockery of the Independence of the Judiciary and her judicial proceedings and turned the Nigeria Bar Association - NBA- to a mere social club gatherings for Judiciary hooligans.

Can those clamoring for one Nigeria confirm she is irredeemable? Her fraudulent structure, lopsided system can only get worst once it exits as an entity. The kangaroo Supreme Court headed by unqualified Sharia Chief Justice of Nigeria - Mr. Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, has proven to gullible Nigerians that their Permanent Voters Card - (PVC) is as useless as Nigeria herself. As ecologists study and deal with the relationships of organisms together with their environments, same does good political scientists, analystsare studying with convincing facts that the present totalitarian Fulani government of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari is hellishly in a mutual relationship with Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, the unmerited, unqualified Chief Injustice of Nigeria.

Since Mr. Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed's appointment as the Chief Justice of the Nigeria Federation started his mission on technicality piloting aeroplane on judicial matters, his misspellings on judicial proceedings has dragged the Judiciary as the backbone of a surviving nation to the mud and dark-stone age. Things has really fallen apart under this "Sharia Judge Chief Priest", Judiciary is supposed to be the last hope of the commoner in the society had within a twinkle of an eye under the stewardship of this incompetent Fulani corrupt carrier - Mr. Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed become the last option for rogue APC criminal members to be smuggled back into political power.

Religious brainwashed infants credited the shameful shenanigan's called judgment from Supreme Court to Rev. Father Usman Dandulani Ejike Mbaka’s arrangement prophecy as a will of God but never make good use of their common senses to question if Almighty God supports malpractice, irregularity and biasness. Fallacy as prophecy from the pit of hell! The quasi priest cum politician represents a spiritual mouthpiece of Sokoto caliphate in Eastern region; he only hints the secret exco meetings he had with APC power mongers headed by Sultan and its allies from Northern extraction.Brainwashed and deceived gullible religious fanatics always thought the undesirable attention seeker speaks God’s mind whereas, it was a planned game. Rev. Father Usman Dandulani Ejike Mbaka plays Politics of whoever that secretly grease his bank account gets What he paid for - when and how during his adoration ministry of glorifying the devil. Fulani political gimmicks had on several occasions played inline with this caliphate Rev. Father Mbaka, same scenario was the same trick that smuggled in terrorist Mohammadu Buhari into power as a Messiah after Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Rev. Usman Dandulani Ejike Mbaka berated and blackmailed former President GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan, Nigerians were deceived to believe that former President GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan was a bad luck to Nigerians and Nigeria as an entity; internal and external pressure was on GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan that made him conceded defeat even before the electoral body - INEC, has not declared any party winner.

Rev. Father Usman Dandulani Ejike Mbaka plays the politics of who gets what he intend to achieve politically in Nigeria, Imo State is not exceptional right from the time of former governor of Imo State - Mr. Ikedi Ohakim. Ejike Mbaka tantrums are irrelevant and inconsequential hence, he is working the devil and late biological father shrine. Religion and politics should be separated from eachother and that was what we were thought in schools. Dastardly; mainly in Nigeria religion influences politics while members of the pressure and interest groups are shot to death for abdicating from supporting the tyrant Mohammadu Buhari led government inconceivable and unfavorable policies.

No doubt Nigerians are sick mentally including those at the helm of affairs, that was why a local village informant Rev. Father Usman Dandulani Ejike Mbaka reviewed secret plans in the name of prophecy but cannot review to the public where they four Roman Catholic seminarians abducted and held captive by unknown gunmen all along are; same Nigerians are under severe hardship courtesy of bad government but still complicit to accept the fact their leaders are their sole problem, their predicaments today are caused by Nigerian government bad leadership style. The Chief Justice of the Nigeria Federation - Bandit Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed can easily drive his law technicalities in aeroplane to favor terrorist APC party but not opposition party's.

On the left Hope Uzodima  On the right Emeka Ihedioha 

The goofed incompetent law Sharia Chief Justice of Nigeria technicality derails, imped the judicial system to its dishonest charlatan and phony. Mr. Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed Islamic religious tenacity negatively affects his sense of reasoning with contradictory absurd adjudication in a court of law. The evidence is very clear and a clean cut not hidden, that the removal of Mr. Emeka Ihedioha as the executive governor of Imo State was connected with his tolerance, non-shooting of IPOB peaceful protesters in the State. The verdict was written to remove him by all means, coupled with Mr. Emeka Ihedioha’s refusal to implement Fulani RUGA settlement in Imo State.

Politics of give and take inducement with ulterior motives to encircle Biafra territory with APC Islamic party will not prevail once the Indigenous People of Biafra - IPOB lives, Fulani Islamic hegemony tactics will and always become perturb, dead and gaffe. The best option left for this criminal seven man panel of Judges should have be during their financially induced judgment thus: is to cancel the Imo state election and call for the arrangement and reorganization of fresh election to allow Imolites to decide who leads them than the maliciously imposition of a Fulani puppet from Abuja seat of power as governor.

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