Facebook Nigeria Has Become Another Corrupt Entity Of The Terror-Sponsoring Fulani Government - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Published on The Biafra Post | 28 December 2019

I wish to apologise to my followers on Facebook for the Nigerian government sponsored attack on my page, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with the help of corrupt Facebook local staff based in Lagos.

Facebook Nigeria in collusion with the Nigerian government is removing my followers and reducing the reactions to my post in an effort to demoralise our activist base and give the misleading impression that not many people are interested in exposing the ills of the totalitarian Fulani APC regime and Biafra restoration.

Facebook is actively preventing the general public from accessing the truthful messages that I publish.

Tactfully, they are directing my followers to numerous fake "Mazi Nnamdi Kanu" Facebook page cloned by Nigeria’s secret police DSS with the help of Facebook Nigeria in an effort to defraud the public and control the narrative.

IPOB had on many occasions reported these fake Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Facebook accounts to their highly corrupt Nigeria office but it continues to be an active participant in this massive effort to deceive the public.

This present attack has come in the critical time when Nigeria, West Africa and Biafraland are experiencing the horrific slaughter of 11 Christians in Nigeria during this goodwill season of Christmas. Facebook by its actions as part of a wider government effort to clamp down on the truth is knowingly aiding and abating terrorism.

Also Radio Biafra Facebook page and many frontline IPOB activists have also been experiencing this pattern of attack for many months now.

This shameful practice by Facebook Nigeria to allow the suppression of truth and free speech is indirectly supporting state-sponsored terrorism in Nigeria.

IPOB made an official complaint to Facebook headquarters in California USA, and we expect the management to clear its reputation, and desist from this shameful act.

I will continue to expose evil in Nigeria, fight for the enthronement of justice for all and restoration of Biafra regardless of the corrupt tendencies of Facebook Nigeria.

Published by Chinwe Korie
Facebook: facebook.com/ckorie17
Twitter: @ckorie17
Email: ckorie17@gmail.com


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