IPOB Press Release
Published On The Biafra Post
December 20, 2019

We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to felicitate and commend Biafrans, friends of Biafra and lovers of freedom over their resoluteness, determination and support in the ongoing righteous agitation for the restoration of the nation of Biafra, especially in this season of goodwill. We are equally wishing a happy holiday season to all media houses, both print and electronic, online platforms as well as e-warriors and bloggers for their courage and often unbiased reportage in the face of unrelenting dictatorial onslaught and shrinking of civic space in Nigeria. They are the true heroes in this divine effort to enthrone freedom, justice and fairness for all ethnic groups in Nigeria. IPOB agitation is not just for the liberation and well-being of Biafrans alone but for the betterment of every living soul unfortunate enough to be trapped in the cesspit of corruption, backwardness, hardship and totalitarianism that Nigeria has become. We IPOB are warning all corrupt Lagos/Abuja politicians and groups who were involved in the conspiracy with Fulani cabals to bring RUGA and Fulani military into our land as a way of silencing IPOB, reducing our population and intimidating us into accepting the Fulanisation of our way of life, to retrace their steps. We caution them to stay away from anything that may cast them in bad light given that our people are highly upset and would not hesitate to vent their anger on any person or group of persons found to be a Fulani collaborator. It is in the interest of these traitors to stay away from Biafraland because they would bear the consequences of any move by the Fulani to force our land to become volatile to justify their murderous military occupation. We are well aware of the antics of core Arewa north and their current effort to intensify their divide and rule strategy in Biafraland by constantly seeking to pigeon-hole us into a meaningless South South and South East when they have one monolithic political North dominated by the wandering Fulani tribe. IPOB by successfully uniting all the people of the Eastern region and Mid-West, has brought this terrible era of Fulani divide and rule internal colonisation in the Middle Belt and South to an end. In this season of goodwill we call on our people who wish to come home from abroad to do so because there will be no hiding place for any criminal in uniform or their informants that may seek to bring harm to our people. Biafraland is peaceful and will continue to remain so until Biafra independence is duly and finally restored. Nigeria government and her security operatives will be compelled in due course to dismantle all their extortionate Police, Army, Road Safety, Customs and Civil Defense Corps checkpoints along major roads into Biafraland. Nigeria Army and Police should take their security checkpoints to the north where there is raging Fulani induced insurgency and soldiers are being slaughteted like animals. Also the dictatorial and lawless Nigerian government must stop their usual killing, abduction, intimidation and humiliation of commuters during this festive period as every death, disappearance or abduction of any Biafran will attract a commensurate response from the public. COMRADE EMMA POWERFUL MEDIA AND PUBLICITY SECRETARY FOR IPOB.

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