Biafra: The Changing Story In Cameroun; Can Nigeria Learn Anything From It?

By Chika Austine

Published on The Biafra Post | 16 December 2019

The concept of dynamism entails that nothing lasts or maintains absolutism forever. In the world today, those who understand the power of nature and divinity would tell you that “nothing lasts forever”.  Unfortunately, men in their narrow minds often times get deceived by temporal opportunities offered to them by time to think supreme among their fellow men.

The ongoing Ambazonia crises  have claimed many souls not just from the Amba side, but also from the Cameroonian military side. The problem started from the abrogation of federal system and the entrenchment of centralized system with the sole aim of undermining and fusing the Amba people under one francophonic regime.  Little did the octogenarian Paul Biya knew that his subtle path to suppression of Southern Cameroonians will be repel by a particular generation of Amba people. The “Amba boys” as called have not just repelled state sponsored terrorism in their land, but proven beyond every reasonable doubt that with no support of any kind they could sustain the fight for freedom despite the costs.

Voice of America (VOA), reports that over 3000 people have been killed by the Cameroonian military and many Amba people are still missing in the southern Cameroon ravaged crises.  The deeply human lives wastages remain a stain on France Foreign policy on Africa. Howbeit, British choice of feigning ignorant over the crises in southern Cameroon in spite of linguistic and colonial heritages which Britain and the southern Cameroon share till date is condemnable.

One needs not to dig much down the soil strata to unravel the reason for British complicity in the whole quagmire. Ordinarily, one would have expected No 10 Downing Street to lead the protest of calling for Paul Biya’s regime accountability in the whole human induced crises of southern Cameroon. But the Biafran factor which is a strong pressure ongoing in Nigeria which serves as an outlet for Britrain would not let Britain venture in southern Cameroonian crises. Britain feels it will mean well to sacrifice Ambazonia just to appease  France to stay off Biafran quest which the later openly supported and have not till date renounced that support.

The feigning of deaf and dump by France, Britain, EU and AU was shortly cut off by Donald Trump’s regime. Emmanuel Macron’s recent attack on Trump owns much to France disappointment towards USA, the formal had expected Trump to adopt NATO idea of "injury to one is an injury to other" in Ambazonia.

France felt betrayed by NATO ally like USA who never cared for her interest in Cameroun, went ahead to make a unilateral move in support of southern Cameroonian. To the Nigerian government which has giving intelligence and other supports to Paul Biya as a way to help him crush the Amba boys as an indirect message to IPOB, the American move is a bad news for her. The current USA obvious interest in Ambazonia speaks volume to the Nigerian government.  It is an unambiguous message to Aso Rock that “USA is watching”! 

Nigeria on her own self, messed her opportunity of being a mediator in the whole crises by arresting and repatriating the southern Cameroonian leaders who were in Abuja for a meeting. USA, UN and EU warned Nigeria of the effects of those actions, Abuja snubbed USA and went on handling over the freedom fighters to Paul Biya’s regime.  That action of Nigeria and many secret ones portrays Nigeria on a bad light to USA over Cameroun matter.

 Donald Trump has shown interest in resolving the southern Cameroonian crises with military force if diplomacy fails.  To Paul Biya, it amounts to suicide to wage war against USA forces especially at this very time White House is man by a no nonsense man.  Paul Biya has mandated for emergency parliamentary debate on granting southern Cameroonian internal sovereignty. Although that idea is rejected by the leaders of the freedom movement in Amba. What this move of Paul Biya teaches is that dictators have their own fears.  Paul Biya is afraid of ending badly in the hand of the Americans and would love to die honorably than be dragged to ICC for crimes against humanity. Though facing high chances of ending in ICC prosecutors’ hand, he feels he might be pardoned if he chooses diplomacy against military confrontation that United State is presenting.

 Same America is seriously looking over facts presented by IPOB over Biafra and their rights abuses. If you took time to listen to the Voice of America (VOA) interview with the Lawyer of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) (Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor) yesterday, you will agree with me that IPOB have successfully mainstreamed Biafra internationally. If authoritarian Paul Biya could pee in his pant over American advancement and is now begging for internal sovereignty for Ambazonians, it shows that Abuja is in trouble. Ethiopian prime minister’s choice of pacifist approach in solving of Sadama crises through referendum and current jittering of Nigerian love Paul Biya, have put Abuja into shock of the century.  Abuja currently lacks no better references to solve Biafran crises other than either Ethiopian way, or Cameroonian way.  Each ever way she chooses, IPOB will be at the centrality of the discussion. Nnamdi Kanu current stern diplomacy in western worlds is indeed devastating to the Nigerian government.

 Those who are sincere of the current developments would tell you that Nigerian future is not assuring. The locals might hypocritically argue to the contrary, but FDI data says it all. Investors having put into consideration various socio-political indexes on ground knew that it amounts to foolishness to invest in such a volatile society.  Many socio-cultural groups and sincere southern political players have seen the need to liaise with Nnamdi Kanu if their dream of having restructured Nigeria will be achieved. That is a sincere recognition I must say. Sowore understands this and sort audience with Nnamdi Kanu. International players have known this fact that the future of Nigeria lies on what Nnamdi Kanu decides today. It is this understanding that doors are opened for him and many within Africa and world stage seek his attention. With the latest development in Cameroun, Nigeria is in one almighty mess.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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