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Nov 5, 2019

Today,(4th November 2019), prof moghalu, a seasoned international figure held the mammoth crowd and distinguished guests spellbound for more than two hours as he comprehensively discuss on the Igbo place in Nigeria.

Professor Kingsley Moghalu delivered a lecture at the 2nd Dim Chukwuemeka 0dumegwu Ojukwu memorial lecture held today 4th November 2019 at the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu university igbariam campus (COOU), with theme “Ndigbo in contemporary Nigerian politics(prospects, problem and way forward).
Prof Moghalu asked two pertinent questions that formed the basis of this article

1.Nigeria is indivisible on whose terms?

2. How come was IPOB tagged terrorist group for calling for justice, equity and fairness while the real terrorists go about killing everyday?
He said “ what does it mean when people say that Nigeria is indivisible, indivisible in the sense that s particular group is born to rule while others are to serve, and when the other rejects the servitude imposed on them they are being massacred?
Soviet Union was once a mighty nation and nobody believed they will disintegrate but it happened,
India was one and so many other nations, so what does it mean when people say Nigeria is indivisible?

Prof moghalu also asked the leaders on the justification behind the tagging of IPOB a terrorist group because they are asking for their rights to be respected and he maintained that IPOB is fighting for justice and that no nation will thrive without adhering to justice.

Moghalu's speech even before Ike Ekweremmadu who was sitting and looking helplessly as Moghalu vindicated IPOB cause proves to the world that there is a burning need for dialogue in Nigeria for peace to reign.

Like he rightly posited, no nation will thrive in the absence of Justice. This is yet another justification of the call for a referendum on the part of the Biafra people to decide their future, whether to be or not to be part of the space called Nigeria.

I wish to applaud the brevity of Moghalu in speaking truth to power even when he was expected to romance words as would be done by most of the political bigwig and sycophants in Biafraland
The call and quest for Biafra referendum is not a crime in any known law and that must be respected and effected.

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