Reporter Eziobi Jonel Chijioke - TBP November 24, 2019
One can feel how excruciating it is on infringing on another person's human rights until she/he falls a victim in the hands of Nigerian security operatives. On such note do the Reporter of this sad encounter wants to narrate his self ordeals in the hands of police officers on late-Night patrols.

On early hours of Monday 18th, November 2019, I got a distress call from my mom over a critical situation at home that requires my presence urgently, they being aware that I have resumed my second (2nd) semester examinations same day before the Yuletide Holiday. As well disciplined son of my parents I foresaw that my exam isn't on that day particularly, secondly the distance of the journey isn't far too.

I summoned courage to attend to them. I boarded a commuter bus and took off during the noon. Getting to Aba the "Enyimba City", I went as planned and attended to their call - my parents; it happened that my ill dad was in a state of unconsciousness which demands medical attention and moral support of which I rendered help in my capacity. I committed the rest in God's Hands through prayers.

I spent a night on same monday, with my dad in the clinic having known that my exams was in the next two days. I did My possible best to ensure he gets comfort from me as a well behaved son. Later on the next day being Tuesday 19th, November 2019, as at 6:17pm I decided to board a transit back to my Campus, courtesy of my morning paper on Wednesday 20th 2019. Because of the much dilapidated and decayed roads in Aba and Abia State in general I and other passengers spent nearly 3-hours on the road, I was so tired because the journey has it's stress, sighting the deplorable nature of the roads we plyed, the Nigerian Police Force illegal extortions and vehicular mechanical faults marred it a horror experience as usual.

We were dropped at a popular scene called "IsI" gate park in Umuahia. I checked on my time it was exactly 09:25pm. I became nervous having known that there will be scarcity of taxi to convey me to my citadel of learning Okpara University Umuahia. I have no other option than to wait for a vehicle. Surprisingly, a Police Hilux Van fully loaded with armed police officers drove by and double crossed our front, I and some other stranded civilians and unsuspecting members of the public were thrown into unnecessary panic.

Immediately, the Agile Police men jumped down from the hilux and ordered us to enter their van, stressing that any word we utter will be used against us, that until we get to the station we are all alleged cultists, our bags were collected, our phones switched off within the spot of this harassment, we maintained composure and went with them.
At the station we were presented with a statement form to fill in. I was still in shock as I couldn't hide my feelings I inquired from the police inspector what was my offense that I doesn't deserve such ill treatments forceful intimidation to subject to accept what I know nothing about. I showed them my ID card to attest my person since they searched me and they couldn't see any implicating material on me. I demanded my freedom, I was scolded to the point that I have to comply with them.

They pushed me with others into their captivity, filthy detention cell. There I spent two days without formal contact to my relations/friends. I summoned courage to appeal to the prison warder for her to help me send a call across to my relations just to inform them of my whereabout, she charged me for an airtime, I gave her five hundred naira #500 for the card. That was how I called my in-law whom is a trader in Aba. I explained what happened, he came the next day with his high ranking Police friend from Aba to secure my release. I was bailed with the sum of twenty thousand naira #20,000.

And in a hurry I won't forget such Horrible experience. Biafra must be restored to teach and impart in human what human civilizations are, especially Nigeria and Africa at large.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
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