Sir Ahmadu Bello, Father Of Hate Speech In Nigeria 

By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
November 23, 2019

Nothing will ever make a real democrat throws support on the draconian hate speech bill re-introduced by mind delusional and half baked educated ninth Senate Deputy Chief Whip - Aliyu Abdullahi, that attracts death penalty by hanging. The Nigerian ninth Senate for having disowned the bill is a welcome development. Let me first of all give a meaning on a word “renaissance” it simply means revival or transition, on the other way round Nigeria Military is revived to take over with promulgation of decrees in a democratic setting.

Mr. Aliyu Abdullahi should know that the blood tasty monster - tyrant Mohammadu Buhari, he is trying to protect with hate speech bill is and still remains guilty of hate speeches and hate actions including most APC members. Also we recalled how Mr. Mohammadu Buhari threatened Goodluck Jonathan’s government. Mohammadu Buhari openly vowed that he will make GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan administration ungovernable to which he perfectly his vow , after Dr. GoodLuck Jonathan was declared a winner at the polls.

Mr. Mohammadu Buhari also promised to rain down fire and brimstone during his Presidential campaign how baboons and monkeys (Nigerians) to be soaked in their own blood if he lose the Presidential election. It seems that was not enough a supposed President of a country in far away Germany declared his Nigerian youths - lazy youths before the world during an interactive session with the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe of Abia State representing Abia South in the Nigerian Senate was right on a live interview for saying had the hate speech bill been implemented under Dr. GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan’s administration that Mr. Lai Mohammed, the APC hate speech mechanist and rumor monger would had long time ago be dead by hanging before now.

Many Nigerians may not understand the direction the hate speech bill is driving to, it is a means to unveil terror without complain, tenure elongation without objection, a system with no rule of law, a judicial system without value; all will be living in fear of not uttering a word to correct the Nigerian government of her ill lapses, the gullible ones become severely scared of the air around them while those agitating for freedom will now be given excuses not to fight for their freedom. A terrain of absence of freedom of journalism, a system of total authoritarian dictatorship in place courtesy of hate speech bill. It is well calculated attempt by the Executive to kill whoever they think is or will be exposing their government via freedom of information law, with this hate speech bill if implemented will trample on the freedom of information law and gift it a natural burial.

The Nigerian Senators are currently the violators of law they made or promulgates, a part section of the Nigerian constitution categorically made it clear that any law that contravenes the constitution is null and void, the same Senate approved the Nigerian military to embarked on "Operation Positive Identification", reports has it that about forty five thousand [45,000] Nigerian soldiers were deployed in the South-East for Operation Positive Identification to which the objective is not hidden agenda; their major aim was to fish out, probably kill peaceful IPOB members agitating for their legitimate inalienable rights for freedom.

Constitutionally military has primary obligation to protect the territorial integrity of a given country or nation against external aggression. Who is deceiving who? What happens to immigration and other Para military agencies? Why must soldiers trained to kill, given civil assignment if not to perfect their ground conspiracy of always murdering IPOB members in cold blood for which they are known for decades. Including the blind can justify the fact Nigeria is under military dictatorship led by APC terrorist government in guise of democracy to deceive the world while the constitution of Nigeria has already been thrown into oblivion with replacement of military decree under a tyrant - Mohammadu Buhari.

The same Trojan regime and promulgation of stringent laws were revival of Dictator Mohammadu Buhari’s 1984 Decree No. 4 known as "Protection Against False Decree". This decree was considered by scholars as the most repressive press law ever enacted in Nigeria, it allows indefinite incommunicado detention of Nigerian citizens which made some Nigerians like Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka to remain in exile until the decree was repealed.

The decree was harshed, unsuitable and uncomfortable for mankind, the same way hate speech bill is demonic to democracy. If not for any other thing, world governmental institutions has-had acknowledged the glaring facts before them under this in-motion draconian hate speech bill and seen that the Nigerian government has no value for life for hanging her citizens for mere verbal expression of feelings at this contemporary modern democracy.

Those with their brain can remembered when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra over the years lamented that "a vote for APC is a vote for terror, subjugation, disenfranchisement, humiliation, dead and tyranny" some gullible Nigerians and most Nigerian political sycophants tagged it propaganda and surprisingly it is now happening before everyone eye. Had the Nigerian ninth Senate Chief Whip Mr. Aliyu Abdullahi succeeded smuggling in this bill worded "the hate speech bill", havocs perpetrated by the Nigerian Department of Secret Service - DSS would have been a child's play compare with National Commission for the Prohibition of Hate Speech. This commission would have been another arm of the Nigerian government terrorist organization stationed to manhandle critics of the government. Invariably, what is the essence of establishing a commission for hate speech when there is law guiding defamation of character, slander and label under common law?

If truth must be told, hate action instigates hate speech, Nigerian politicians are the sole carriers of hate actions against helpless masses they claimed to be representing, many families in Nigeria today are in pains created by the Nigerian government for being Nigerians by circumstances either by birth or domicile. Nobody is talking about true federalism when democracy is under threat, uneven distributions of dividends between the 5% South and 97% North as was mathematically erroneously said by Jihadi Mohammadu Buhari on live TV is one in thousands of hate actions against old Eastern Nigeria region.

While other Nations of the world are advancing in science and technology to better the lives of her citizens, Nigeria government under the effective command of a bloody tyrant is busy usurpering land for Fulani cattle settlements, scavenging, mobbing to hang opposition and critics. Once an Fulani amajiri oligarchy remains a Fulani amajiri fuedal.

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