The sad news of the demise of Ugoeze Sally Okwu Kanu, the symbol of Peace, humility personified, love epitomized and the Mother of the Supreme Leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came to Biafra Students as a huge shock.

When we were all anticipating seeing a new Nation gotten from a Hero (MNK), who came out of your blessed womb, death came knocking. Oh! Death, where is thy sting?

Death is a path every mortal will thread, however, You Mama Biafra has joined the great Biafra Men and Women in the spirit world to keep the fight on.

Anyone who has come close to you, would attest to the fact that you were a role model, a beauty to behold, down to earth, your caring is second to none, indeed a Heroine you are.

Mama Biafra! You couldn't survive the shock of seeing Your Children gunned down in Your presence by the combined zoo Nigeria forces.You have paid the ultimate prize, You've gone to fight on, You may be dead physically, but in Us and in the hearts of every hard core Biafrans you lives on. In Your death is Biafra gotten, Your death won't ever be in vain.

The Biafra Students assures that We shall fight to finish until Biafra is restored.
Fight on! Our great Mother!
Fight on! Mama muru Onye Ndu
Fight on! the Mother of Our Hero

VOBS mourns You with a deep Heart.
IPOB worldwide mourns You.

Lovers of Freedom mourns You.
Signed: VOBS

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