By Kelechi Okorie,

Nov 1,2019

In most cases I’m ashamed to be born and raised within geographical conglomeration created by mere mortal being contrary from natural evolution of a nation state, the artificial lopsided imbalance, subversion is unbearable even an angel from heaven may not redeem Nigeria from total collapse not to talk of rubber stamp inyamery slave politicians from Igbo extraction with their vague presidential ambition can do anything about it. I stand to corrected, Igbo politicians are the worst species politically; their hallucination to become president come 2023 is inconsequential to compare with the blood of IPOB members spill day in day out. Prebendal politics or political godfatherism in Nigeria made me lost hope in politics as a political scientist, politics ought to be fair for advancement in both science and technology, hope and aspiration to masses unlike Nigeria, it is a politics of hatred, do or die affairs, who gets what when and how with impoverishment of hated 5% region votes cast. At this 21st century the system of government is more of cattle republic, cow is more valuable with adequate attention, more than human life. Forensic analysis can expatiate Igbo politicians are in competition of blood bath of their own people with main target of higher political posts; the more bloodshedes determines masters’ servant cordial relationship.

Northern political gladiators prefer using staunch mentally slave Igbo efulefus to mortgage the future of Biafra people for selfish political interest even it relatively takes innocent blood to climb the seat of power all things being equal so far as it favors them. No record a Briton soul was lost for Boris Johnson to emerge British Prime Minister neither the Brexit deal rains carnages nor onslaughts in Great Britain as records indicate high death rate during electioneering in Nigeria. Yet, self-acclaimed leaders of thought hibernate whenever the need to protect their people arises. Psychologically, Igbo Politicians are currently undergoing presidential text set by their caliphate godfathers from northern hegemony, the short sighted imbecilic Executive Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, may had leverages himself perfectly by gaining access for his political ambition after masterminded the burning of people’s houses in Aba metropolis using janjaween security apparatus to accomplish the assignment to instill fear in the mind of Aba people for their maximum support for IPOB.

State sponsored unabated killings, intimidations, assaults against Biafrans is likely more hazard than that of tyrant Benito Museleni of Italy and must be put on check before reprisal retaliation from helpless armless citizens takes preeminence . Ebonyi State can testify a sign of uprising after hundreds of IPOB faithful’s were illegally detained after been shot at during the peaceful inauguration of IPOB family. Pitifully so called governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, took it upon himself to confiscates journalists that wrote against his shaky totalitarian stylish government in a supposed democracy. Who knows if I will be heat to coma by this terrorist government with frivolous charges for expressing myself with pen just to make sure their godfathers are pleas. Perhaps, it never occurs to these Igbo politicians they are retrospectively diminishing in a game of politics, making them irrelevant in all spheres of endeavor more especially in terms of people’s representation, phone call between Alhaji and Kule is gradually coming to reality. Ohaneze Ndigbo President led by Nnia Nwodo cum politician, can portray before Fulani cattle headers it won’t make him to be trusted by Northern cabals. Hence, it is impossible one treacherously sold his people to enemies to be trusted by the buyer, that cannot happen.

Some may had thought Ebonyi State governor, Dave Umahi, might be a little bit different from demented south east governors, now his true color shows he is inline of total extermination of Biafrans. His backyard terrorist tag assertion on IPOB, when world itself debunked the proscription was a typical example he is hell bent in making sure Biafraland is under the control of his herdsmen friends the fourth most terrorist group according to recent reports from Global Terrorist Index. Recent attacks by marauding suspected herdsmen in Enugu state, precisely at Foreign Minister’s hometown Udi LGA where a bank manager Maurice Onyibo and several others were shot yet none of these puppet slave governors neither makes just a press statement in condemnation of the herdsmen unjust attacks nor drastic steps taken to stem the malice. Their muteness won’t compel these bastardize nomadic cattle headers to stop attacking host communities, even Obiano of Anambra State likes let him makes them Chief of Staff or enroll them in his government it won’t make them have change of heart on their inherit terror attacks. Though, godfatherism has taken Centre stage of flows of blood of IPOB members anytime they gather peacefully to discuss their legitimate right for self-determination as enshrined in UN charter, south east governors should learn a lesson from the Iranian revolution, only Ayatollah Khomeini’s vocal broadcast galvanizes the masses to topple Iranian army, if time not taken same may replicates itself in Biafraland as IPOB through her leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has succeeded socialized Biafra freedom to sink in the conscience of all Biafrans around the globe. Self-defense is not a crime known to law and nature before masses take the bull by the horn a word they said is enough for the wise.

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