Fulani Terror: Give Us 500,000 Naira for Every Igbo Man You Kill – Gov Obiano Tells Myetti Allah

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie | The Biafra Post | Published Oct 01, 2019

Willy Obiano - Anambra State Governor
The national contempt and disregard for the Igbo seem to have struck home as the governor of Anambara state, Willie Obiano, equates the life of an average Igbo with #500,000. Obiano who in the buildup to 2019 presidential election called the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nnia Nwodo, an idiot in a hot exchange over which Fulani man to support while ignoring the aspirations of an Igbo son, Kingsley Moghalu, seems to have been totally carried away by the brewing hate and disregard for the Igbo as has been displayed by the Nigerian state since creation but by far more vigorously championed by the current administration of Muhammadu Buhari remotely controlled by Abba Kyari and Mamman Daura.

Drowned in this toxic river of hate and contempt for the Igbo, Obiano thinks the life of an average Igbo is worth only half a million naira – less than $200. The self-demeaning governor made this disparaging remark in a gathering of Myetti Allah and few Igbo persons in what he presupposed a security accord between Myetti Allah and Anambara state government. As captured in the video clip making rounds, the governor said, “If you destroy any farm, you pay. And if you kill their cow (now talking to the Igbos), you pay. If for any reason somebody dies, it’s a police matter but if our people ‘is’ killed, they (Myetti Allah) will pay 500, 000 naira.”

To have valued the life of an average Igbo man at #500,000 is the heights of contempt. And to think this assessment applies to himself – being an Igbo himself – explains to what level the Igbo has lost self-esteem. Rather than hand out a total ban on Myetti Allah operations in the event of any murder, Obiano who partook in the proscription of the non-violence group, IPOB, demands a paltry sum of #500,000 in exchange for the life of those he was elected and sworn into office to protect. By implication the Fulani herders – globally recognized as the fourth most deadly terrorist sect – can go on a killing spree as long as their parent body, Myetti Allah, can afford to pay the stated amount per head.

Although in the later part of his speech the governor attempted to balance things up by saying that the involved community will pay the stated fine also should any of the terror-leashing Fulani cattle herders die – say in the course of the villagers/famers defending selves – to have pegged the net worth of the life of an Igbo man at five hundred thousand naira cannot be excused. Come to that, the Igbo is not known for violence; on the contrary they are famous for their hospitality and acceptance for the alien. As such it’s unlikely that an Igbo man would try to take human life unless of course in self-defense. And there again they are being told that they’d have to pay fine for not allowing selves to be slaughtered by Fulani herdsmen in their own God-given land. Terrible!

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