By Kelechi Okorie,

September 17, 2019

Only but a tweet from IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to notify his followers the EU invitation by few parliamentarians, Nigeria government became shocked, discomfort to the level of hired pastors and imams for spiritual help to salvage the conglomerate entity from disintegrating after physical confrontations like maiming, intimidations and killings are no longer stopping IPOB from waxing more stronger on daily basis. Fear of IPOB is the beginning of wisdom, the compromise clergies were reportedly joined together to organized 40 day fasting and prayer for indivisible one Nigeria, for the first time Christians and Muslims praying together by so doing maybe, they learn religious tolerance was probably Christian killings likely stop. Though, praying for Nigeria is a waste of energy and time because false balance and unrighteous prayer is an abomination before God says the Holy Bible.

Biafra agitation has adequately received international recognition through IPOB, we will preach Biafra in White House, Nnamdi Kanu assured after meeting with few EU members, southeast Governors Forum chair by Ebonyi State governor, Dave Umahi, became panic over the pronouncement, with no option than seeking dialogue not minding the previous press released that IPOB remains a terrorist organization and must be treated as such without any apology was well documented. In a look of things Nigeria foundation is on flame, when the word diplomatic offensive was first used during resurface IPOB’s leader in Israel, the illiterate lying information Minister Lai Mohammed could not comprehend the methodology and dimension Biafra agitation is driving to he demanded arrest, repatriation of Nnamdi Kanu, from Israeli government to face his trial in Nigeria, not knowing IPOB has long broken the jinx of international conspiracy of silence. The fact is IPOB has taken over global recognition in replacement of Nigeria to an extent all the political actors now forfeit relationships with Nigeria in international politics, it makes the political decoy impersonating late Buhari not to surface or attend international summit anymore.

Suing the IPOB leader to International Criminal Court ICC by Nigeria president might be a privilege and advantage for Nnamdi Kanu to demand the impostor appear in person before ICC other than sending representatives on his behalf by so doing the world will truly ascertain Nigeria is governed by a foreign national from Sudan. Before digressing on the bordering issues, it is impossible for the Nigeria government to further the cause to ICC when they knew the implications thereof.

Reiteration of Nnamdi Kanu's United nations next stops another setback limiting the impostor’s movement within Africa continent, his unannounced recent junket trip to Bokina Faso ends in third world underdeveloped territories where the breath of civility is far low comprehension. The intensive comment made by IPOB Deputy Director, Uche Mefor, regards to the possible official invitation was an insight IPOB has secured another UN invitation in Geneva, Switzerland. International politics a game who gets what when and how has gradually sidelines Nigeria in the field, even a blind can testify the so-called giant of Africa is nowhere to be found in global politics rather IPOB taking front lead in every outing, having confirmed Biafra meant all the criterions to be an independent nation under United Nations Charter, Biafra restoration becomes inevitable not even Nigeria can stop.

Forthcoming UN General Assembly 74th Session meeting coming up on 24th/25th Sept at UN Headquarters New York, where all the heads of states and governments are expected to discuss and work together on a wide array of international issues covered by the charter of UN, such as development, peace, security, climate change, international law etc, Nigeria’s impostor shall also be expected to represent his government to complete the 193 total member states as diplomatic procedure demands or should deceived gullible Nigerians expect another diplomatic Photoshop from the minister of Photoshop as he always does

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