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By Ezeobi Jonel Chijioke For (TBP)
September 2,2019

How can an acclaimed President be In one of the most civilized countries Like Japan and he wasn't welcomed officially with live Media coverage of any Japanese Ministry affairs. But was welcomed by Same People he traveled With. Is that not deceit? he traveled With Benue State governor Samuel Ortoms as claimed by Femi Adesina, the Junk media aide of Asso Rock. whereas Ortom wasn't among those mentioned as delegates that Will travel with the acclaimed President.a and he wasn't among delegates I saw on the Photoshop Pictures, how come did he appear on the video? ridiculous!. can't believe my fantasies. He knows how to Include the exclusive. how can you tell me that a man traveled, I mean the acclaimed President of a whole country, on his arrival to that country he wasn't granted a live interview by the media. Madness!!.

As evidence Proven by IPOB Intelligence Unit revealed that he Was smuggled in, and hidden in a hotel. he Couldn't Meet any Nigerian community In Same country or even his ambassador to address them. having Seen Some photoshop Pictures Posted by his Media aide to misinform and deceive the public of obvious deceit, and crap!. releasing different Versions of edited pictures/Videos of the same scene. what madness!

that reminds me, how Come Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala (Former Nigeria finance Minister) who played a guest Never Went to exchange Pleasantries with her acclaimed President? because she Was In the Conference.

Are Nigerians Bereft of critical thinking/reasoning? why are they been Played Into gullibility? through their disgruntled media without questioning the narratives? or am I to believe that they are ruled by a beast of no nation?

Femi, Was Paid to Cook Lies, and that he's Perfecting to Impress his Feudal masters In Aso-rock handlers of Jubril,

Shielding the truth and letting the world know how deceitful he is. and as well how clueless an average Nigerian Politician is as well.

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