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Authored by Kelechi Okorie
September 1, 2019

Only a fool would not know shortcut to his father’s compound, a blind man that lost his sight can confirm and testify Nigeria is under severe psychological trauma caused by Nnamdi Kanu/ IPOB, northern cabals at the corridors of power can bear a witness, it makes them to avoid replication of Yaradua’s sudden dead scenario transition of power to a particular region perceived as second fiddle or not worthy to rule. It becomes worst a Prof. at law and Vice President that ought to reclaims his position as well written in their sham constitution starts reason like a cow was when everything becomes irredeemable for him in particular and Nigeria at large. As clock inches slowly, every reasonable Nigerian has come to their senses with full assurance on the argument raised by Former British Military Officer cum politician, Erick Joyce, who revealed earlier that a contracted political decoy employed to impersonate late Buhari who happens to laid to rust in Saudi Arabia was elected as president. Though, some unexposed primitive Nigerian are still contemplate the possibility of a foreigner impersonating a whole giant of Africa country’s president without world neither altering a word nor sanction Nigeria with immediate effect, not knowing in a democratic settings once a cow presented a winner in an election either by rigging or not automatically, the cow becomes a nation’s representative in any international conference hence, there is a kind of electoral college. So, therefore, the process of emerged ahead of the state becomes meaningless in international politics.

Yes! International organizations can only require convincing petition beyond reasonable doubt against a head of state before procedural action can be taken. Notwithstanding, IPOB has done it all long before now waiting patiently the appropriate time when the cat won’t find means of escape, the time is now that was the reason Japanese Emperor Naruhito granted IPOB’s her request to get impersonate Nigeria president arrested after been convinced an impersonator was coming to visit Japan. Some may have forgotten easily when US President Donald Trump warned not to like to see that lifeless (Nigeria president) thing again after presidency sent a leverage actor to take advantages of influence with the contractually expected high return from US government not minding the implication and threat poses to that common criminal impersonating as real Buhari. Till this moment Nigeria president on several occasions lost the audacity to attend international convention only but gullible Nigerians fall victim of deception from presidency’s Photoshop videos and photos making them have an atom of believing they have functional global recognize president whereas, Nigeria has long been isolated and gradually on a verge of sanction by international organization.

IPOB with her civilizes systematic digital approach heats Nigeria to coma never to recover again after the deceptive announcement made by Femi Adesina, that Nigeria president departs Abuja International Airport for Japan for ongoing Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development TICAD7, in Yokohama, Japan. The archaic arrangement by presidency puts Nigeria useless integrity in jeopardy even their gorilla general, Chief of Army Staff, Turku was helpless to roll out amour tanks as IPOB’s in Japan confined so call Nigeria head of state in a particular place contrary from initial planned, only videos evidence circulating online showing Japanese police searching to get him arrested by all possible means as a common criminal he is flushes Nigerian political mongers like waste maggot in a pit. Now Nigeria has come to acknowledged IPOB agitation has gone beyond Rubicon to contemplate backing down, as she intentionally wasted opportunity for negotiation given to her long ago. Any call to nip in the mud to abandon the agitation shall be fruitless because no stone shall be left unturned anymore. More show of shame awaits Nigeria for total obliteration from the lip of everyone like USSR becomes a history; United Nations General Assembly meeting slated 17th September 2019 where Nigeria impostor will be expected to be present shall mark another historical diplomatic embarrassment for cripple of one almighty British enclave name Nigeria.

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