Authored Kelechi Okorie,
Sept 25,2019

Overwhelmed handshakes across the continents by IPOB obviously affects Nigeria foreign policies and her bilateral relations with other countries of the world, foreign actors are now aware Nigeria is under the stewardship of an impostor from Sudan, but may not quickly intervene in order to respect territorial jurisdiction of a sovereign state. It sounds strange when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, supreme leader of Indigenous People of Biafra reviewed that the person at the helms of Nigeria affairs is not Buhari, many thought it was a joke while some may had considered it as a propaganda also others contemplated the rationale behind a strange foreigner impersonating a whole president of so called giant of Africa without them acknowledging the fact, the same scenario happened back then in Russia, where Felix Dadaev works as a body double for a dictator Joseph Stalin after his dead in 1953. Nigeria only replicates Russia saga for cabals’ concentration of power by all means.

As days passed by, till this moment Nigeria president has not come out to debunk the accusation beyond reasonable doubt that he is not a body double. Ordinarily, plagiarism is a serious crime in most countries come to talk of impersonation, Erick Joyce, a British national cum politician challenged Nigeria government to sue him for accusing the government being controls by contracted political decoy, Nigeria we all know has not make an inch to seek redress from any competent court of law for such national embarrassment against the country’s president, political desperadoes from northern hegemony never knew their hungry for power shall backfire on them for hiring a body double, now too late to reverse after been exposed before the world courtesy of IPOB.

After US president Donald Trump showed displeasure wasting his time meeting a Nigerian lifeless president, cabals behind the deal kept mute without requesting US government to expatiate the abusive lifelessness of Nigeria president, it is certain immediately the impostor observed he has no hidden place anymore he starts abstaining world leaders. Stage manage deceptions upon deceptions become order of the day, handlers keep playing intelligent of their gullible followers so they can at least believe it was the same Buhari they know. Intensive records indicated Nigeria president has not attended any international summit since IPOB took it upon themselves to disgrace the impostor, this alone can impedes him from attending the forthcoming UN General Assembly Summit where all the world leaders shall be present including Trump. Already it has come to the conscience of the world that Nigeria is nothing but evil empire created for dehumanization. Backyard terrorist proscription of IPOB is a enough reason for world leaders to disassociate themselves from Nigeria’s parochial, totalitarian undemocratic government and extra judicial execution of unarm peaceful protesters opposing maladministration and judicial travesty. Reports from both UN and Amnesty International that Nigeria government is a cook ground for internal generated conflicts drawn her to a immeasurable abyss of hopelessness masses residing within the periphery to ravaging in penury.

Many Nigerians are yet to know their president is indirectly places under ban likewise, Cameroonian president Paul Biya, for annihilation of Ambazonians, a typical analysis shows how Paul Biya was denied entrance at Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development TICAD7 Yokohama, Japan due to his undemocratic approach. Nigeria government knowing very well her presence was inconsequential came up with usual Photoshop to ransack the brain of Nigerians while the imposter was confided from making a public appearance for fear of IPOB getting him arrested as a common criminal he is. Confrontation by IPOB to clampdown the impostor by all means in Japan entangled him to be smuggled out through diplomacy back to Nigeria at night like a thief. It is either Nigeria president absconds the UN summit or face the wrath of IPOB as all arrangements had been put in place to implicate the common criminal.

On several occasions Nnamdi kanu demands the impostor to under a DNA test to prove him wrong on his assertions to an extent he vowed to dissolves IPOB should his revelation reads contrary yet Nigeria government remains under shield of fear. Recalled, presidency announced Buhari attending July 2019 UN Climate Change held in France, on perceiving the impeding national embarrassment arranged to have him tested DNA he smartly refrain from participating in the summit rather came up with fake podium different from real podium the summit took place. Perhaps, after French president Emmanuel Macron paid the impostor courtesy visit he acknowledged the young body double is fake contrary from what some Nigerians thought their president is, since then so called president duldges o mingle with other world leaders. Probably presidency may come up with excuses while the president shall likely not attend UN General Assembly nobody should be surprise when it happens.

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