Nigeria - Our common enemy

By Nnaemeka Nna Ukwumma
Published by The Biafra Post | 13 Aug. 2019

Nigerian government in its concerted effort to stampede Biafra cut out a section – mostly non-Igbo speaking communities – and called them South South. Geographically, the cardinal point “South South” is non-existent. Obvious then is the fact that this was done to enthrone “divide and rule.” Regrettably, it worked out for them.

As if that is not enough, they labeled them “minority”. How can one be a minority in one’s own land? Brothers, you are not minority. It’s Nigerian government that called you minority. It’s Nigerian government that called you South South. They call you minority and take your oil to feed the assumed majority.

Whether you belong to the deceptive class of political correctness, whether you answer South South or Niger Delta, or whether you belong to the elite class, hear my message please. It is one of life abundance; a message of unity, love and prosperity. Those who bring division amongst us by calling a section South South and labeling them minority in their own land seek our utter destruction. They know that divided we fall, and united we stand. They know that if we unit as one people we certainly can build the Tower of Babel. Thus they bring division among us - to keep us perpetually conquered.

Listen to me therefore. We have one enemy – the Nigerian state. Our common enemies are the agents of death – those who don't want us alive. They are Fulani and their accomplices.

As these demons struck in Agatu Idoma, they struck in Nimbo, they struck in Agwu, they struck in Nkanu, they struck in Asaba, they struck in Nnewi, they struck in Etchie, they struck in Warri , they struck in Bayelsa, they struck in Omok, they struck in Ogoni. As I am typing this, brethren, we are surrounded. They are everywhere – in our backyard, in our farms, on our streets. As a lion in ambush, they lie in wait.

They lie in wait to strike; to unleash the pain of death on us; to make us live in fear -  that way they can control our elders like remote control. Our young are systematically being chased away from our God given land to foreign lands. They marry in foreign land and live a life there. How many of their children come back?

This is not time to talk politics. We must eschew pocket politics and face the reality on ground. We are being eroded from the surface of the earth. We must, for the sake of posterity, stand and fight. A voice is calling us in the wilderness. Like John the Baptist, Nnamdi Kanu’s voice is calling. It is telling us to unite, to take a stand and push back the germ infested feet trampling our land.

In conclusion, brethren, we are one people. Whether you're Igbo, Ndoki, Ogoni, Ibibio, Efik, Isoko, Ijaw, Anang, etc, we are one people – Biafra. We have a common enemy – the Nigerian state. The enemy wants us all dead. Let's stand together therefore and fight this enemy. Biafra is our inheritance. We must defend her territory or be killed by her enemies.

Edited by Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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