Biafra: Provide evidence of the alleged arrest of the Fulani killer soldiers who murdered Chimaobi Nwaogu - IPOB to Okezie Ikpeazu

IPOB PRESS STATEMENT | 10 Aug. 2019 | The Biafra Post

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader; confronting troops who blocked the road during his tour of Ebonyi State
It has come to the knowledge and attention of the great family of the Indigenous People of the Biafra (IPOB) worldwide how the murderous Fulani soldiers in Abia State and their counterparts in 82 Division Enugu denied their involvement in the killing and slaughtering of Biafrans especially the recent one that happened in Abia State where the Army stationed at the military check points shot dead one Mr Chimaobi Nworgu, a commercial motorcyclist (Okada driver) in Aba two days ago. There seems to be certain saddistic pleasure the Nigerian military derive from killing unarmed civilians. Nobody has ever heard of the Nigerian army successfully fighting and defeating any armed group. Their specialty is in killing those they know cannot fight back.

It is unbelievable that Okezie Ikpeazu and his Fulani local handler the Police Commissioner in Abia State announced the arrest of the killer soldiers involved in the death of Chimaobi Nworgu. Nobody has ever seen any picture or video of the murderers as is customary with Nigerian Police anytime they arrest suspects in high profile cases. No news conference where their full names, ranks and division they are serving in the army were made public. The pattern of covering up for the worst excesses of Fulani terror soldiers continues in Igboland.

Biafrans must know there is no iota of truth in the widely circulated lie that those soldiers responsible for the death of Chimaobi are under custody. It was a lie packaged by 82 Division of the Nigerian Army and delivered by the quisling and Fulani puppet Okezie Ikpeazu. The truth of the matter remains that Fulani impunity and terrorism is fully sanctioned by Okezie Ikpeazu, after all, he is the Chief Security Officer of  Abia State. He solely imported Fulani killer squads in army uniform into Abia State to torment and kill at will in return for a second term in office. Since he assumed office as the governor and chief security officer of the State in 2015, Nigerian Army and Police have killed or disappeared over 800 innocent people.

What we are demanding is very simple, pictorial or video evidence that those that shot and killed Chimaobi are in custody. Their names must be made public and a commitment extracted from the army to vacate every checkpoint in Biafraland.

The hurried and clearly orchestrated announcement by Okezie Ikpeazu and his commissioner of police in Abia State is nothing more than just that, a mere announcement. It means nothing and solves nothing.

We reiterate our demand that those responsible must be arrested and prosecuted or else Okezie Ikpeazu is merely embarking on an exercise in futility. The death of Chimaobi represents a watershed and no amount of photo-opportunity or public relations will diminish the fact.


Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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