Article Written By Ezeobi Jonel Chijioke
For TheBiafraPost
July 26,2019

I start this article with Inquisition Of A tornado Democratic rag-tag Contraption Called Nigeria.
What is the crime of this man EL -Zakzaky, family and his entire religious denomination? It is laughable when Nigerians will proclaim with their mouths to say that Nigeria has this entrusted arm of government called Judiciary. Which is where the common man runs to in times of trouble to get Justice.

Can we talk about the legislative arm, which is a retirement home for the elderly, especially former governors who have destroyed their various states?

Let us not forget what started the Arab Spring in Tunisia in 2010, when a self -immolation of a street vendor in a provincial town of Sidi Bouzid sparked mass anti-government protests. Unable to quench the fire, president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced to flee the country in January 2011 after his autocratic of 23 years in power.

Why fire live bullets to unarmed protesters? Who are legitimately protesting their rights, In a democratic system?

Last time it was unarmed IPOB members, who were dehumanized and were ruthlessly murdered unfortunately There wasn't Justice to appease their course.

Today the killer Fulani herdsmen are being celebrated, the re-baptized herdsmen ---bandits are negotiating with the Incumbent government on whether to change their method of killing or reduce in the number of killings but yet those that are not armed are being massacred in hundreds and thousands.

What offense did an ordinary citizen of this country commit? Why subjugation of indigenous ethnicities by Fulani oligarchs in corridors of power?

Does it mean that AFRICANS lacks rudimentary knowledge to run a secular state system? As such cannot live in a multi-religious country like others? We travel every day to these big countries that accommodate different religious and ethnic people. We travel there for our medical and tourism and get treated by people of different religions, get served by people of different ethnic backgrounds without complaints. What is wrong is with our mental state in this country? I prefer the division of this country without further delay. Oil and water can never mix.

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