Biafra: To allow RUGA is to surrender to worse fate suffered by Hausas

By Leo Sobechi - Guardian
Republished by: The Biafra Post / 16 July 2019

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader
Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in this interview with LEO SOBECHI, says the climate of insecurity and bloodletting in Nigeria shows the country is beyond redemption, stressing that the conflict in values in the country precipitated Brexit from the European Union.

Recently the daughter of Afenifere leader, Pa Fasoranti, was murdered by hoodlums suspected to be herdsmen, how do you situate these creeping senseless killings in the Southern part of Nigeria?

These killings are happening because we have overindulged the murderous Fulani oligarchy. Every southern politician bar none owes their allegiance to the north. With the notable exception Gov. Wike, Udom Emmanuel and before them, Ayo Fayose, the rest are in the pockets of the feudal north.

The perpetual Yoruba alliance with the Fulani will be their undoing. I recognise how difficult it is for them to forge an alliance with us Biafrans because almost half of the Yoruba population is Muslim with allegiance to the Sultan of Sokoto. So in effect, their Islamic religion makes it imperative they must align with the north in all circumstances even when they are being killed. Sadly this submissive mindset will lead to their demise unless they rise up now to resist this Fulani incursion.

Until there are general consensus and acceptance by all concerned from Southern Kaduna (Middle Belt), Yorubaland and Biafra that supporting IPOB is the only way out, the killings will continue. The only outfit Fulani feudal lords, sponsors of Fulani terror and banditry are afraid of is IPOB and nobody else. It, therefore, stands to reason that supporting IPOB is the quickest way of stopping them dead in their tracks.

The Secretary-General of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Elder Anthony Sani, said the RUGA scheme for Fulani herdsmen has come to stay because states could not provide alternatives. How does this stance tally with IPOB's agitation?

RUGA, or whatever new name the cow-loving Fulani regime in Aso Rock may have christened their Fulanisation agenda, is a brazen attempt by Sokoto Caliphate to forcefully displace and supplant indigenous populations in the disastrous British manufactured contraption known as Nigeria with Fulani migrants from across West Africa. Therefore, RUGA is at odds with everything IPOB stands for.
The ideal of a true egalitarian, democratic, civilised and developed Biafra, which is what IPOB is dedicated to accomplishing, is inherently incompatible with this very form of primitive nomadic practice favoured by the Fulani.

To allow RUGA to be implemented in our land as presently envisaged is to surrender to a fate worse than that endured by Hausas today, who have been thoroughly conquered, ravaged and rendered useless in their own land by Fulani invaders. We won’t allow state-sponsored terrorists who enjoy government protection to use the RUGA scheme as a cover for an armed invasion of Biafraland. They can do their cattle selling a business like everybody else as long as they remain law-abiding as Biafran businessmen and women do in Fulani controlled Arewa north.

You sound as if Nigeria is irredeemable, what gives you that impression?

The inescapable reality of the inherent incompatibility of values between the various nationalities and a continuing desperate stranglehold to the faulty colonial status-quo by a ruling parasitic and often unenlightened ‘elite’ ignorant of the modern art of governance; manipulated and dominated by a poorly educated ethnic nationality with feudal mindset.

Nigeria like most colonial contraptions in Africa is beset by value system conflicts. Value conflicts are caused by incompatible and often irreconcilable beliefs or value systems. Values are intrinsic beliefs that people use to give meaning to their lives. Values explain what is ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ ‘just’ or ‘unjust.’

To a people, value conflict arises when people attempt to force one set of values on others or lay exclusivist claims to state affairs and resources that do not allow the inclusion of divergent values and beliefs. You cannot change the value and belief systems of a people because they are intrinsic to human nature as a result of orientation and upbringing hence the use of armed suppression, oppression and conquest to contain value conflicts.

For example, Islamic feudal cow loving Fulani will never fit into the republican free-market egalitarian geopolitical space of we Biafrans. Conflict in values and systems such as exist in Nigeria was exactly the same reason why Britain voted to exit the EU. British values conflict with that of the EU, as simple as that. Not minding they have a lot in common like democracy, rule of law, tolerance and so on, Britain still chose to leave the EU. Why won’t Biafra be allowed to exit an unworkable contraption imposed on us by foreign colonial overlords?

In 2014 during an interview you said people will die and blood would flow in Nigeria, does what is happening now represent or vindicate your postulation and how do you think it would pan out ultimately?

Any impartial observer will most definitely subscribe to the view that I have been thoroughly vindicated, given the level of lawlessness, murder, and mayhem in Nigeria.

Most of the horrendous events unfolding before our eyes today, from Fulani despotic governance to wholesale ethnic cleansing of the Middle Belt right up to the invasion and eventual occupation of regions in the south, especially Yorubaland by Fulani terrorists were all documented as predictions I made many years ago.

I recall stating unequivocally during a live broadcast on Radio Biafra that an army of darkness will descend upon us from the north, they will rape our mothers before our eyes and abduct our daughters with no consequence. I went on to say they will be given license to kill, pillage and loot but the worst aspect of it is that nobody will hear our cries or come to our rescue. Isn’t that exactly how events have unfolded?

If nothing is done to arrest the situation by allowing nations to chart their own destiny, Somalia will be considered a paradise compared to what shall become of Nigeria. Many more will die, Nigeria will fall and Biafra will emerge, alongside a new nation in the Middle Belt and an independent Oduduwa nation. Biafra, Oduduwa and Middle Belt will end up forging a new alliance, a loose confederation, a commonwealth.

There is the perception that your agitation for Biafran secession was programmed to distract the Buhari administration the same way Boko Haram made the country ungovernable for Jonathan, how true is that?

IPOB agitation for Biafra’s independence predates late Buhari’s ascension to office. We have been agitating very vigorously since 2012, whereas the late Buhari took power in 2015. How could it be reasonably argued that our quest for Biafra restoration was instituted to distract Buhari when IPOB had been going for nearly three years before his assumption of office?

At the United Nations General Assembly, President Buhari made a case for the people of Palestine in the principle of self-determination, why is it that no country´s head of state has spoken in like manner in favour of IPOB and Biafra?

No country has spoken out publicly in favour of Biafra because we have not yet engaged in terrorism or armed struggle and neither do we have the benefit of the backing of any UN resolution, as is the case with Palestine. But, all that will change very soon.

Britain is the main force driving the preservation of the failed one Nigeria project because no creator would like to see its handiwork destroyed. They have and will continue to deploy their considerable diplomatic clout to prevent countries from publicly acknowledging Biafra.

Having said that, I can confirm that we have quietly made a lot of headway, which shall manifest in the public acceptance of Biafra in the not too distant future.

It is an uncontested historical certainty that Nigeria was not created by any Nigerian; because no Nigerian or Nigeria existed before the white man came from Britain to create both Nigeria and the perverse notion of a Nigerian.

Nigeria is a carefully packaged colonial experiment in exploitative nation-building that has failed spectacularly and the world is finally waking up to the inevitability of its eventual demise. I am confident that very soon all the variables will be in place to warrant public backing for Biafran independence from nations around the world.

A lot of Nigerian leaders, mostly from the Southern part believe that restructuring, rather than separation, is what Nigeria needs to enjoy the benefits of its large population as a united country.  What is our take on that?

With all due respect, they are not only naive in thinking that Nigeria is salvageable, but they are also equally very poor students of history. The art of nation-building is a natural organic process not as a result of white-man’s experimentation.

Most of those mouthing or clamouring for restructuring, I am afraid to say, are not as educated as they claim to be. Had they enjoyed the benefit of proper education, there is no way they would have accepted the 1999 militaristic Fulani Constitution.

They were driven more by the primordial primitive instinct of a black man to accumulate wealth at all cost to the detriment of the masses and not in any art of genuine state-building.

Because if they were, it would have dawned on them that Nigeria as presently constituted, is a British laboratory product without a soul, core or nucleus, hence the fact that the centre cannot and will never hold. It is an artificial man-made creation.

India, Pakistan and Bangladesh recognised this simple reality and opted to go their separate ways at independence. The Soviet Union yielded to this dictum and so also did Yugoslavia, Serbia, Ethiopia, Sudan and the rest. Even the USA broke away from Britain despite being founded by English pilgrims. One day Nigeria will submit to this inevitability, I am confident of that.

Sheer size of landmass and population is not the determining factor in human advancement. The fact remains that we have nothing in common with those we are being asked to live in the same country with.

Nigeria by virtue of its very nature is an insincere project and every good idea to salvage it will be sabotaged by the British through their Fulani surrogates they handed political and military power to.

Many people believe you misfired in the claim of Buhari double, were you alluding to organ transplant or a real body double?

Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani is an impostor, a body-double recruited from Sudan to replace the dead Buhari after undergoing extensive plastic surgery in London with the knowledge and blessing of the British establishment. Tony Blair’s visit to Kaduna at the invitation of Abba Kyari and El-Rufai sealed the deal. Any journalist or investigator worth his salt should ask why Tony Blair visited Kaduna for a meeting with the Fulani cabal that rules Nigeria when he was no longer the British Prime Minister.

Mainstream media in Nigeria deliberately decided to defend Jubril because they knew the truth would have led to the collapse of Nigeria and the emergence of Biafra. Fear of IPOB is the reason why Abba Kyari- the real ruler of Nigeria decided to bribe, cajole and intimidate commentators, with the help of Bola Tinubu, to suppress and kill the story. The Yoruba nation desperately wants power back in 2023 and if exposing Jubril jeopardises that then it’s not worth the risk.

Nigeria is a contraption that lives in fear of the unknown but with time, they will acknowledge the truth about this whole Jubril saga. And when that happens I will tell you I told you so. Anybody who claims to have a set of functioning eyes and still insists that thing in Aso Rock is the late Buhari needs to see a psychiatrist because they are insane.

A man who cannot speak Fulfude is shorter than the real Buhari, does not know his family, has a different set of fingerprints, with an intact left ear lobule is not Buhari. Had Buhari been alive Aisha won’t be lamenting publicly and crying for help from Buratai regarding banditry in Zamfara State.

Of recent the Ohanaeze President General alluded to the possibility of an election boycott in 2023, does that sound as if you are winning converts in the Southeast?

As with most thorny contemporary issues, we in IPOB end up being vindicated. Those that abused, insulted and cast aspersions against our principled stance against electioneering in Nigeria are today sounding more militant than IPOB. We welcome their repentance. It’s not a question of winning converts but we are pleased that over 98% of our people identify with IPOB, which it must be said is the largest political mass movement in the world.

Source: Guardian

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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