Biafra: The Ruga Settlements Brouhaha

By Ezeobi Jonel Chijioke -  TBP
July 11, 2019

Nigerians have been relatively coexisting well since her amalgamation in 1914, but history will not be complete without referencing 1967-70 Biafra genocidal war, what led to it and how it all started. It is such an ugly experience we don’t want to have again, especially now that technology and different warfare are here with us.
Nigeria being the only country in the world that has the largest porous borders in the world, where a non Nigerian can trek in today, marry tomorrow, contest an election the next moment, he/she starts making decisions for Nigerians undictated by many.

Nigerians are actually sitting on a gun powder. One can easily smell the war coming if not averted by the government that is helping to generate it through Ruga settlements or National Livestock Transformation Program. But this is very disturbing to note that these invaders are not Nigerians but from Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and other neighbouring countries especially French colonized African speaking countries. A very good evidence of that has emerged with substantial facts emerging daily.

Why the political decoy acting as late President Mohammadu Buhari imported these specie of killer herdsmen into the country remains unknown to most Nigerians. Unknown to many Nigerians, an embargo has been placed on Nigeria designating her as a terrorist country by the United States of America. According to the US report Nigerian government breeds all manner of terrorists and do not care to curb the menace of these deadly sects rather always quick to amnestied them - be it Boko Haram or Fulani terrorist herdsmen. And this evil architecture can never be complete without the involvement of the police, customs, immigration services, army and some notable individuals in the country.

The Northern Indigenous Hausas' of whom we have over the years are as well worried about this sudden indirect invasion and Fulani colonisation of their land and at a larger end Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria. This Fulanization conquest of Nigeria by these alien Fulani illegal migrants is something to question the government of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari but due to fear of further massacre, illegal arrest, torture and subsequent illegal detention by this berserk government, has made all to be mute in the face of tyranny.

This administration has made it a priority that every Nigerian must be answerable and pledge his or her allegiance to the Fulani Sokoto caliphate who in return is working with late Mohammadu Buhari impostor to Islamize Nigeria. Any public servant who is not answerable to the Sokoto Fulani caliphate is not considered honest, good for purpose of serving the Fulani interest in Nigeria; take the case of the Nigerian current house speaker, he had to first convert to Islam before he was made to grace the post of a speaker of the house of representatives.

Nigerians have tolerated this draconian, anarchic and authoritative style of leadership for too long coming from Mohammadu Buhari and Abba Kyria. They have to stand up for their rights and protect what is rightfully theirs by demanding for their total emancipation which is freedom via referendum. Nobody in Nigeria of today can change the demography of Nigeria based on the positions the Fulanis occupy.
No respect or regard for the rule of law, no regard to the judiciary. Fulanis doing things now in Nigeria with so much reckless abandon. It is time Nigerians stand up for their rights or remain cowards before the government who is supposed to be answerable to them the people.

There have been allegations of helicopters being used to drop off weapons in most parts of the country at night. Some of our governors have been compromised for fear of being interrogated by the EFCC which the Fulani controlled Nigerian government henchmen use in silencing them.

While many Nigerians are yearning for the peace and unity of this country without laying emphasis on justice to exist, some are busy planning bloodsheds, disunity and war. Until they rise up especially the mind delusional entrapped Youths of Nigeria, and do the needful, Fulanization will capture them by surprise and take them for a ride. With Fulanization Nigeria agenda of Mohammadu Buhari and Abba Kyria, Nigeria can never develope; rather what we will be discussing everyday is Fulani cattle and cows business in Nigeria and how to usurp people of their lands by the Fulani controlled Nigerian government and hand it over to the Fulanis. Enough is said let us rise up and demand for referendum as unity cannot be achieved by the barrel of guns.

Edited By: Ndubuisi Eke

Published by Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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