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July 13, 2019

Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari when alive was a core Muslim faithful and Islamic fanatics who believe in Sunni Jihadi spread of Islam across the length and breadth of Nigeria. This he never hid his intentions from capturing all the component parts of Nigeria to be answerable to he -Mohammadu Buhari Islamic head in Northern Nigeria known as the Sokoto caliphate. The newly engraved/embedded Fulani terrorist herdsman in the Nigerian International passport entails the plans of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari for Nigeria. The 4th most dreaded terrorist group is what Mohammadu Buhari wants every Nigerian to be identified as.

Cattle business in Nigeria as the time of writing this editorial note remains a sole proprietorship-business and has nothing of whatsoever to do with the Federal government of Nigeria intervention of cowardly displacing Indigenous people in their lands in order to accommodate the marauding Fulani terrorist herdsmen and their cows. Indirectly tyrant Mohammadu Buhari wants to use his government to create internal displace persons within the Nigeria space [Middle Belt, Oduduwa, Biafra], to settle his Fulani brothers of other African countries if not stopped from this calamitous movement.

The threat as endorsed by coalition of Northern groups to other indigenous nationalities residents in the Northern part of Nigeria and the 30 days ultimatum handed down to the tyrant Mohammadu Buhari Fulani controlled Nigerian government to reverse the suspension of Ruga settlements across the length and breadth of Nigeria or see Nigeria boils is a welcome development to the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra and her volunteer forces; this move if embarked upon by the Fulanis will be repelled, an eye for eye and blood for blood, it will always be to the chagrin of they Fulanis that Jubril Aminu Saleh Al-Sudani, when caught with his death trap for other Nigerians, re-branded the "Fulani Ruga" settlements to National Livestock Transformation Plan as mandated by Mr. Abba Kyria the criminal that recruited Jubril Al-Sudani to impersonate late Mohammadu Buhari and acting according to Mr. Abba Kyria dictates.

One of the agreements Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani handed over to the criminals that recruited him; before accepting this job of an impostor is that Abba Kyria and other criminal elements from the Northern Fulani stock who contracted him must resettle his people of Al-Sudani and other Fulanis in the Middle and Southern Nigeria; this was the core reason during 2019 Presidential campaign all Fulanis were allowed to enter Nigeria to declare their unalloyed support for Jubril Al-Sudani for a job well done in imitating Mohammadu Buhari up-to this very moment without the full knowledge of Nigerians that an impostor is ruling over them and thanks to Abba Kyria.

Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari subtle way of capturing the Middle Belt and Southern parts of Nigeria during his first time in office as a pseudo civilian President of Nigeria by election coup was his introduction of Fulani grazing Reserve, waterways bill either by omission or commission changed the name to Fulani grazing route when his evil agenda for Nigeria was busted open for public consumption and subsequent for perusal.

We are still well informed with our archives of knowledge when in the know, tyrant Mohammadu Buhari vowed that the herdsmen killing Nigerians are foreigners and not the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen; tyrant Mohammadu Buhari did not mince words on this disturbing issue ravaging the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, tyrant Mohammadu Buhari ignorantly claimed that the Hausa-Fulani cattle herders he knows from birth moves about with sticks as depicted in the new International passport and not herdsmen that move with some sophisticated weapons in the caliber of AK47 guns.

Was there any committee formed or designated with the sole role of curtailing the menace of all these Fulani foreign invaders by Mohammadu Buhari's government?. The answer is bound glaring before us as Biafra Reporters will gladly choose "No" for an answer. The Nigerian Military did not okay it beneficial toward protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria rather the Nigerian Military formation was charged by same tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and Abba Kyria towards protecting and safeguarding undocumented foreign herders.

Fulani controlled Nigerian government excuses becomes so unnerving at same time stale to the people of Middle Belt, Oduduwa and Biafra when a Fulani controlled governor of Kaduna state finds it too romantic by paying these destructive Fulani elements [herdsmen], to stop the killing of other Nigerians residents in Kaduna state and the Southern Kaduna indigenes; because of the stupidity of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari these herders has metamorphosed into today Fulani banditry and Fulani kidnappers, Fulani terrorists the assumed foreigners before the same government that gave them a cover-up.

How on earth that Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria an organization rightfully for all Nigerian Fulani herders told other Nigerians to point blank that there wouldn't be peace in Nigeria unless the people of Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria give out their lands for the Fulani settlements with the help of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari controlled Nigerian government?. Let us also, assume as initially postulated by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari that the cattle herders pillaging and destroying Nigerian peoples farms, raping mothers and daughters are foreigners, how did all of a sudden a body that rightfully belongs to the Hausa-Fulani cattle breeders association of Nigeria is fighting for the same foreigners to be settled down with Ruga or peace depart from Nigeria?.

Nigeria is a home for insanities of any sort and kind, today a federal ministry is telling other Nigerians that Fulani terrorist herdsmen turned kidnappers/bandits who happen to be foreigners or invaders deserves amnesty in the Nigerian geo-space; Boko Haram was re-branded repentant terrorists and were amnestied by enrolling them into the Nigerian Military formation and today the Nigerian soldiers are dying every day like fouls by this same Boko Haram and who is the Nigerian Military really combating?.

It has become clear to all and sundry that the Fulanis of Nigeria as a whole has nothing meaningful nor either useful for other ethnic nationalities that constitutes today Nigeria rather they remain an embodiment of repression, retrogressive process, backwards in modernity of times and would want to drag every other Nigerian into their hapless nature of greed and incompetence. This newly birthed sham of establishing Fulanis settlements in Biafra land through the office of Mr. Vice President -Yemi Osibanjo and his principal -Jubril Al-Sudani package known to be and called National Livestock Transformation Plan will help quicken and precipitate the total dissolution of Nigeria with or without gunshots.

Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari -APC- led government insistence on Ruga settlements for all marauding Fulanis of Mali, Niger Republic, Al-Sudan, Adamawa et al., which he -impostor Jubril Aminu Saleh Al-Sudani through his personal handler that contracted him - Mr. Abba Kyria criminally re-branded National Livestock Transformation Plan would only fetch ants infested wood for the teeming Fulani population as they would be decimated if they finally wish to embark on this forceful way of grabbing indigenous peoples land of Oduduwa Republic, Middle Belt Republic and the Republic of Biafra

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