Reported By Chinenye Chukwu - TBP
July 23, 2019

A brother [Name Withheld], who went to Lafia in Nasarawa State to buy Okro was kidnapped along the high way by Fulani bandits, this young man went missing for close to three months before he managed to escape from the hands of these Fulani kidnappers on the prowl along.

He traveled to buy Okro, on their way back, the bus he was inside developed fault and broke down around 1am in the mid-night, the driver of the bus told him to wait there and offload those baskets of Okro to avoid his commodity from spoiling quickly before they get to East while he - the driver went in search for a mechanic in the nearby area. According to his report to a Biafra Reporter; immediately the driver left, he didn't know that the driver is running for his own safety because that lafia road in Nasarawa State is very dangerous and a hotbed for breeding Fulani criminals.

"direction: ltr; font-family: inherit; position: relative; text-align: left; white-space: pre-wrap;"> This young man that went to purchase Okro in a far away Nasarawa State got frightened when it dawned on him that the driver wouldn't 't return back quickly as promised. He then decided to trek down along the road for his own safety. On his way scouting for safety where to stay over for the night was stopped by a motorcyclist popularly known as "Okada rider".

The motorcyclist approached him asking him where he is from, and he answered him, I am Igbo and I came from the East to buy market here, the motorcyclist "Okada rider" left and after few minutes, the motorcyclist man "Okada rider" came back with group of people well-armed to the teeth and took him away from where he was standing.
It was gathered from his report to a Biafra Reporter - Miss Chinenye Chukwu, they took him - the young Igbo man to a destination where he was kept for two months and fifteen days; to his greatest surprise while in their den, he found out that fellow Biafrans was kept there also with the environment fenced.
I managed to escape on a good day when I noticed that the guards were deeply asleep.

I managed to climb the fenced area and was running for my life and safety, the guards later woke up few minutes after and noticed that someone had escaped from where they kept us so they went search of me by the dictates of their gang leader around the bushes surrounding the place for about three hours.
According to the ordeals of the victim of the Fulani kidnappers along Lafia -Nasarawa State high way as narrated to a Biafra Reporter - Miss Chinenye Chukwu, he (i) can see those Fulani kidnappers from where I was hiding but those kidnappers can't see me. When it was obvious and dawn on the Fulani kidnappers that they could not find me, they returned back to the fenced area where I managed to escape to the city.

On getting to the city, I turned myself to a beggar in order to get some money that will enable me return back to Enugu State this last Wednesday 17th July 2019, because I was stripped off, of everything I have with me while in the Fulani kidnappers dungeon and hideout, while taking to their hideout I noticed that Biafrans and other people of old Eastern Nigeria were being killed in that camp on daily basis which is a big concern for me and to Biafrans at large.

This information as reported to the Biafra Post should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet or treated with a kid's glove as many people are being kidnapped along that Lafia high way and taken to unknown places within this spot and get killed on daily basis by these Fulani kidnappers acting as security men while they are on a mission to rob people of their monies, belongings and kill them in return.

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