Comrade Nwawube Ezeobi view on the topical issue

On this week hard truth, we have comrade Nwawube Ezeobi from the Biafra Post as he speaks on the cowardice deviation by the southeast governors.

When I read on vanguard news on the very provoking move by Fulani herdsmen political backbone Miyetti Allah to form vigilantes to safeguard the southeast, I immediately remembered the word 'protectorate'
During colonial rule, the name protectorate was used on all the colonies controlled by the British empire. In Nigeria, we had the Northern protectorate and Southern protectorate. Protectorate simply means' people or area under the protection of the British Government.

The British government provided soon.
This insult is coming as Eastern region governors were busy trying to ditch out modalities for peaceful co-existence of marauding killers and farmers.
Unfortunately for the cowardly leaders of the east, the leaders of the herdsmen are not asking for peace talks, rather they are asking that you submit your lives and that of your entire states to their protection.

This call for Fulani vigilantes in Igbo land reminds us of the formation of Biafra security service (B.S.S) created by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who foresaw the invasion of our land and what became of it firm !! The whole southeast governors proscribed IPOB and watch Fulani leaders tag her terrorist organization.
Today we are being offered protection by the same people that are killing us
What an irony.

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