Biafra: The Hired Agents and Their Failed Attempts to Blackmail IPOB

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie | The Biafra Post | 12 June 2019

In its concerted effort to discredit Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, or at least justify the group's proscription and the terrorist tag slammed on her, Nigerian government has hired unscrupulous elements to stir up all manners of accusations against the group and its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. These shameless individuals working so hard to earn their keep have moved from failure to failure plying their unwholesome trade so tactlessly one wonders if they are at all with any form of intelligence.

Recently they have made the passing on of Prophet Anthony Nwoko their cardinal point/weapon. With no clue or evidence, these folks publicly and shamelessly accused IPOB officers of orchestrating the poor man's death and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as ordering it. In their make-believe story they claimed the poor man's body was found battered and lying in a pool of his blood.

After a period of silence, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called their bluff when in a broadcast he challenged the peddlers of the falsehood to give their fabrication a facelift by providing the public with pictorial evidence of their claim. Kanu asked that if the said man really exited the world in the manner they claimed, the propagators of the news should avail the public of photographs of the battered body in a pool of his blood. Helpless as falsehood has always been against truth, the children of darkness came up with nothing.

Then, to play down the success of the May 30th Biafra Heroes commemoration, they spun up another yarn of violence. This time around, they chose an innocent clergyman as their currency of trade. The evil plotters in their tactlessness arranged the attack of a Catholic priest - a breed even masquerades don't touch in Biafra-land. Quite Tactless.

In a swift response I tore them to shreds with the article "The Attack on a Catholic Priest, a Tactless Attempt to Blackmail IPOB,” published by The Biafra Times and The Biafra Post. Read it HERE

Among other things enumerated in that article, it was pointed out that the accusers who in their hunger to besmear IPOB claimed Prophet Nwoko's body was found battered and lying in a pool of blood have since failed to produce video or pictorial evidence to that effect.

Now naked, the blackmailers thought it right to doctor some gruesome pictures and have them circulated as Nwoko's battered body in a pool of blood. One of the doctored pictures had a man with severe cuts on the head sitting in a cushion while in the second picture the man lay on the floor away from the cushion.

Note that the man was already dead in the first picture – the one he was sitting down. Considering the second photograph, pertinent questions then arise: how did a dead body manage to move from the cushion to the spot it was found on the floor? If the body did not move on its own, who then moved it? Will a killer after killing bother with moving the victim’s body from the point of killing to another spot inside the same room? And how come there are no blood droplets on the floor between the cushion where the man was supposedly battered and the spot where he lay? Or was the man battered on the floor and then moved to the seat? If so, who moved him and for what purpose?

In a different Facebook post by another hired agent, the picture where the deceased was sitting down differed from the supposedly same picture released by the first agent. For clarity, let us refer to the image from the first agent depicting the deceased in sitting posture as Picture A, and the image from the second agent depicting him in the same sitting posture as Picture B. analyzing the two therefore, one finds that in Picture A, there is blood stain on the armrest of the cushion whereas in Picture B there is no blood stain on the armrest. Secondly, there is blood on the side-table of Picture A but no blood on the side-table of Picture B. A closer look on the items on the side-table in picture A and that in picture B reveals another discrepancy. While in Picture A the two remote-controllers on the side-table are fully exposed, in Picture B a white material covered half the length of one of the remote-controllers.

Photoshopped photo of the alleged dead body of Anthony Nwoko

Finally, an investigator nailed the coffin by taking the images to As expected, the analysis confirmed the photographs were doctored. You can as well investigate the photographs yourself; just take the images to the site “” or “”. Then you will realize just how unscrupulous these children of darkness are. It’s sad that young men could devote themselves to propagation of falsehood. Well, they keep failing.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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