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By Godwin J. Chinedu | Biafra Reporter | TBP
May 22, 2019

It is the duty of the remnants of Biafraleft to keep the memories of all her brave and gallant men, women and children that have fallen in the line of defending Biafra in our hearts; they are heroes in heaven, but we will always remember their unselfish sacrifice in the pre-dawn darkness of July 6, 1967 – January 15, 1970. The sinister power by the Nigerian government and her cohort -the British government to alter reality makes Biafra the most powerful black nation on the planet.
It is as a result of this ugly scenario that is bound glaring that the British government and her creation - the Nigeria government wants her - Biafra- to be completely obliterated from world map and the face of this very earth; but from the ashes of Nigeria and tears of our heroes and heroines that died in action will the Nation -Biafra arise to retain its sovereignty away from Nigeria, this is because Biafrans strong desire for freedom and the ultimate sacrifices of her heroes and heroines reminds them of the philosophical and the ideological thoughts of this struggle to be a free people.

As we approach the 30th of May which is Biafra memorial/remembrance day, It becomes paramount to remember those who had fallen gallantly for our freedom and as we commemorate them in this year memorial/remembrance day -30th May 2019. Let us not forget the history behind our sober reflection apart from the total lock down of Biafra which is "sit at home" in Biafra land and our peaceful march around the globe, this year memorial day should serve as a call on all Biafrans to look backward at our past and forge ahead to the dangers we are confronting daily and those that has died, the gruesome killings by Fulani herdsmen and Nigerian armed forces, the illegal abduction, pillaging of our farm lands by Fulani cattle rustlers and how the rape our mothers, wives and daughters by the combine team of Fulani herdsmen and Nigerian Army of perdition.

It is surprisingly that all these heinous crimes against Biafrans is being aided and abetted by the Federal government of Nigeria and no matter how Biafrans choose to acknowledge the memories of her heroes and heroines past on May-30th, in this mere geographical expression known as Nigerian can never take our pains and agony away as a people being denied justice until justice is serve by jailing all the criminal war elements that massacred Biafrans to death. The pains will always be there until Biafra is restored maybe we can start to console ourselves with her -Oh Biafra.

The onus lies in our collective hands to remember the sacrifices of our fallen heroes and heroines that died that we may live as a race, and it is against this backdrop that we need to venerate on their memorial day and pray fervently on the deaths of over 3.5 million Biafrans that died during the 1966 pogrom, 1967-1970 genocidal war of annihilation carried out against Biafrans in Northern Nigeria and in Biafra land, Irish records has it that Biafrans lost over 8.5million souls to genocide but the British government in her evil and desperation to deceive the uniformed world populace manipulated the figures to be 3.5million.

Biafrans are compelled to remember the necessities of our fathers and mothers engagement in the war of genocide and also the ultimate price they paid by spilling their blood as treasure for our survival, this will help Biafrans understand that only the restoration of Biafra can serve as an honor to them that died for the sake of mother land - Biafra; having lived for decades under the British government and her creation Nigerian illegitimate dictators and despots, we must at all time not forget the real essence of freedom.

Though we the remnants of Biafra might not be able to repay the debt incurred from your loss but with gratitude we owe to the courageous fates of dying to be our heroes and heroines, Biafrans appreciate you for your incredible devotion and love for Biafra in the face of extermination, we take share in your tears and pains for the pride of considering it necessary to sacrificed, and died for us out of love and to your dead memories our generation must do everything we can to fulfill our moral responsibility which is a free Biafra State.

This is not the time for jealousy, envy or gossiping, we must put Biafra ahead of our Individual differences, desires, goals and work assiduously towards the Biafra restoration project unlike Ralph Uwazuruike of BIM, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, PANDEF, South-East governors and all the so called elites across the length and breadth of Biafra land, we must not allow ourselves to be used as willing tools by the Nigerian State in jeopardizing our collective quest for Biafra freedom, having in mind that in our works and deeds today lies the destiny of our race and kind.

The pains, cry and tears of our fallen heroes, heroines massacred and Biafran children starved to death was not simply the expression of momentary distress, but rather a form of disturbing conduct on our ability to not just continue from where they stopped but to learn from their mistakes, let us maintain a high level of decorum, discipline and victoriously fight to finish and enjoy the much desired freedom to which they laid down their lives for.

It is time we accept the responsibility of defending our freedom and personifying what the cost of freedom really is because if we don't and fail on this trajectory, we might start to lose the freedom that they once secured for us. It is important that we remind ourselves that the freedom we yearn for is not free and the cost of freedom is always high, but like our fallen heroes and heroines we must always pay handsomely for it.

There is a path which we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender nor submission. The tears of our fallen heroes and heroines are not only calling on us to honor them but also to carry on, on the mission they left for us to accomplish. It is a mission where we do not surrender rather we proclaim with fate to ensure that our freedom is necessitated and the evil of tyranny is defeated.

God bless Biafra

Edited By : Ndubuisi Eke - Honorary Editor
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