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Nwawube Ezeobi Writes For (TheBiafraPost)
April 17,2019
It will be total deceit and insincerity if I say someone like myself is surprised to see a new bill being passed into law by the Anambra state house of assembly a few weeks ago.
Thanks to Hon Charles Ezeani the member representing Aniocha II constituency in the Anambra house of assembly, the amiable honourable sponsored the bill and it ‘fiam'we saw it gazetted. Am sure the people of Aniocha II constituency will be proud of their ambassador.
The highlight of the law includes
1Nobody should deposit any corpse more than two months in a mortuary
2. Burial ceremony in Anambra state shall be one day etc
This great legislation is coming a few days after eight villagers were massacred in Anam town in the same Anambra state. till date, there is no feasible solution in sight to curb the menace of herdsmen intruders in our villages.
I thought we have seen it all in Anam until I visited a friend in Anambra state university. All the student resident in Awkuzu town had been occupied by these dangerous herders and our students are living in the midst of such a time bomb.
Yet we have men who can come up with a totally useless burial law.
I wish to argue that the law is useless in our present condition in the entity called Nigeria
How do you enforce such vague legislation? How do you plan to make sure that when men of timbers and calibre in Anambra state lose a loved one, he or she will comply with such law? How are we certain that it is not centred on the poor masses?
Alas, the law was meant to provide a burial mechanism that will not cause us much when it is time to bury our loved ones massacred by Fulani herdsmen?
When Chinedu ummah the author of the poem “ambassadors of poverty" referred to our representatives as barons of incompetence, I for one was thinking he was pouring undue aspersions on our honourable but now I understand more.
The Anambra state house of assembly quick response to burial law and retard action on Fulani herdsmen menace clearly defines a failed state.
Loyalty is to the political godfathers and not to the people
Service is to their various families and not to society.
Our youths are suffering every day to make booths ends meet
There is zero employment in our society
Our schools have no steady light, no comfortable classrooms, no infrastructure
Our hospitals are in despicable conditions
Our farms are not safe anymore
The Nigerian state is not helping matters.
Herdsmen are busy taking up our land, our defenders are busy making plans for our burials.
Where are the Marxists in this generation

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