By Kelechi Okorie,
For TBP,
March 27, 2019

Recent released audio voice of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader lamented angrily the high level of insubordination found among those that ought to fight like men but choose to romance their slave masters from Northern Caliphate to conspire against their own people reminds me of my banned article years back with the caption “Is Proliferation Of Arms The Best Option To Restore Biafra? The column was written with heartfelt bitterness and agony after surviving Nigeria military clap down, torture, illegal arrest of helpless IPOB members for their consistency to be free as a people. Though valid reasons were given why my column won’t publicize for public consumption in any Biafra hallow platforms which I never objected hence the genuine reasons worth accepted by any right-thinking being serving diligently for its people hence, time was not yet ripe.

The 4 munites and 23 seconds audio voice was not impersonated if should I go in that direction and it must not be looked down as Biafrans are ever ready to be free at all cost as many have exhorted their patient in continue condoling day to day inhuman treatment, killings, inequality meted against Biafrans by Nigeria government.

In these interests, I borrowed a post from Bruce Fein’s timeline “When Death Comes Be Certain It Finds You At The Duty Post”. As Kanu gets tired of broadcasting on Radio, he needs a hundred men who can make a difference while others can join later to stop Mr. death in finding us at our various duty posts. To put records straight IPOB has achieved far more batter than any other group put together, also proven the world as the only reliable platform that shall bring forth the manifestation of the last miracle of Blacks emancipation around the globe. Either peaceful or bloody dissolution of Nigeria it must come from IPOB because no group has made headway to sustain the challenges till date to free Biafra if not IPOB. Notwithstanding, others can rant online till thy kingdom come but cannot change the devilish status quo or stand as a threat for Nigeria foundation not to talk of pulling her down. One unilateral strong force remains the best to achieve successful revolution for that reason it is pertinent other splitter groups cue up with IPOB in this historical event for posterity purposes that is gathering momentum to pull down the wall of Jericho militating everyone’s destiny to come as planned.

That thing in Aso Rock claimed Fulani Herdsmen only use stick while rearing cows but slaughtering people in hundreds on daily basis with unseen sophisticated ammunition so shall am optimistic Biafrans can use a broom in self-defense of Holy land of Biafra against murderous Nigeria terrorist soldiers wreaking havoc. Peaceful resolution and conflict management can only be applicable in a civilize nation unlike, barbaric backward Nigeria that only war is the only understandable language. On another way around, when diplomacy fails war becomes inevitable, no doubt IPOB is still peaceful in all her diplomatic offensive, should war become the only option to restore Biafra so be it, man is meant to die once in day it is far better one to die as a honorable martyr than living a life of slavery that must be hunted down at will of slave masters convenient. Hungry for freedom is nothing but their only quest by Biafrans, achievements made so far by IPOB is pitching and frustrating others mainly those thinking they can use the platform to manipulate gullible in their favor. The above simple illustration shows IPOB holds the keys to success.

I’m coming with hell was a statement made by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, as the time for this statement is fast approaching to its natural logical conclusion as the impossibility of Nigeria to embrace peace and dialogue is nothing but the possibility of IPOB shows of force to reclaim Biafraland in a field battle. IPOB, a peaceful platform never calls for war rather, using every diplomatic measure to opt out from British slave colony called Nigeria. No two ways about it, IPOB final destination is directing towards Biafra restoration in peace or in pieces as evil’s alternative call for any of the options. The two sides dice must favor IPOB as she has nothing to lose irrespective of how one perceives it. Do not get it twisted diplomatic offensive by IPOB is a two ways traffic that cannot be easily understood by distracters, her alliance with foreign actors and nations of the world are a diplomatic passage that paves ways for the long-awaited total independent nation of Biafra.

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