Biafra: Nigeria's Presidential Elections & Biafra' s fate

By Malcolm Chuks
Published by The Biafra Post | 01 February, 2019

People will support evil and leave the good and still call themselves Christians/good Muslim, etc. Jesus said be perfect just as your heavenly father is perfect. This includes identifying with the good/the perfect. He said, have faith and don't compromise even in the face of hopelessness and know am God. He didn't say go for lesser evil which is compromise and demonstration of lack of faith.

Do as God said and leave the rest for him and even if your expectation doesn't occur. Your conscience will be clear, that you have done the right thing and not mortgaged your conscience. And God won't fail to do his part in the hopeless situation of Nigeria. People should hold God to account by doing what God expects of them and they will be amazed what God can do. 

Don't do evil by supporting evil and think you are helping God. You can't help God, God helps people, therefore do good for God to help you. (They say, why not the good join evil for better chance. Oh how faithless and ungodly people can be. So why not evil join good for good to abound - they won't because of evil pride and yet instead of Christians and religious Nigerians - that suppose to promote good, being on side of good, they rather be with evil against the will of God and later they wonder why things are getting worst even though they are praying).

All of you, in collaboration with evil Nigerian politicians, are responsible for the continual hopeless situation of Nigeria. That is exactly what it is when you support any of these evil parties and politicians.

And for anyone that will vote for PDP or APC despite knowing they are evil, they will share in earthly and eternal punishment waiting for this two parties for all the evils they have caused Nigeria and her wonderful people since 2000.

However, people that believe in freedom and want a sovereign state of Biafra, have chosen not to participate in this sham elections. Theirs are better, as you can't say you want political freedom from a setback country - Nigeria, and still participate in political activities of Nigeria.

They have defined their fate. They want BIAFRA and are only interested in democratic activity that will determine that - A REFERENDUM. 

They don't want to engage in a political activity that will determine a leader of a country they don't want to be part of. Fair enough!

FREEDOM is God given, therefore no amount of pressure, starvation, killings, incarceration,  will stop them from getting FREEDOM.


Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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