Biafra: Nigeria Election 2019; the Folly of Nigerian Youths

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

This article was first published by The Biafra Times

Around this time in 2015, you believed wholeheartedly that Buhari is the Messiah you need. You were disenchanted with Goodluck Jonathan's government which, Hausa/Fulani power players, told you was both corrupt and clueless. You listened to the voice of the Enugwu based Catholic priest who, indignant for Patience Jonathan's refusal to give out her number, told you that Jonathan is bad luck and Buhari is an answered prayer. You shouted "say Baba, say Baba."

Back then, the popular slogan was "Change, change," - a mantra borrowed from Barrack Obama. You believed that a dictator who ousted a civilian government could somehow effect a positive change in your dear country. Today, you don't seem to share that believe anymore. The slogan has changed to "Get Nigeria working again ... Get Nigeria working again," as if Nigeria has ever worked. "Get Nigeria working again," for your information, is yet another borrowed mantra - borrowed from Donald Trump. In Nigeria, everything is borrowed, even ordinary campaign slogan. No creativity. That should tell any reasonable human being the hopelessness of those positioning themselves to rule you. The mental laziness of your political players is, to be mild, shameful. But that's a story for another day.

At the time you were about making that grave mistake of 2915, we made this same call we are making today; we appealed to you to boycott the election but you folks didn't listen. We told you beforehand that Buhari will fail you but you didn't listen. We reminded you of his antecedents just as we are reminding you of Atiku's and Obi's today but you guys refused to reason. Against our appeal, you participated in the election and helped to install Buhari. But what happened thereafter? Have events not vindicated us?

Today, you folks are shifting that loyalty and belief to Atiku/Obi, we are reminding you of their past and you are not listening; we are warning you not to renew your enslavement but you are being mulish; we are telling you that your vote is not going to count but you are finding it difficult to understand; we are telling you that even if by some sort of miracle they win they are going to fail you just as Buhari failed you but you are refusing to learn from your past; we are telling you that a VP is powerless and that Atiku will always pursue Fulani agenda but you are willingly allowing yourselves to be deceived.

Your vote is not going to count, believe me. The vote of the good people of Ekiti state did not count in the guber runs last year. The same fate befell the people of Osun state that same last year. Beloved, it's a trend, can't you see? Why is it difficult for an average Nigerian to reason? Even the so called educated class? Sometimes thinking about it all I am inclined to believe that the dullard in Aso Rock was right when he said that Nigerian youths are lazy. You might view it from the physical perspective, but no, that's not it. You work hard to earn a living, but the dullard was talking about mental laziness. Nigerians have eyes but they don't see. That's laziness.

Folks, for the umpteenth time, your vote is not going to count. And if it is not going to count, what then is the essence of voting? Is it not more honourable to sit back at home and enjoy your ofe-okazi than going out to fool yourself? Is it not more profitable to demonstrate your disenchantment with the system than making yourselves available to be used and dumped? Is it not more beneficial to boycott the already rigged election than to help legitimize the rigging by participating in the election? Is it not wiser to try something different than to continue doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result? Didn't our people say that only a mad man does that? Why make the same mistake of 2015? Atiku/Obi are promising you heaven and Earth; didn't Buhari/Osibanjo make loftier promises? Beloved, consider it all and advice yourself.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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