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By Kelechi Okorie,
January 23,2019

Many people keep wondering the dimension IPOB is heading to and the impacts election boycott has for Biafrans, some argued this boycott exercise shall easily pave ways for Buhari’s led government to with right round unlike when Biafrans participate. I still believe this bordering question is still pondering in our heart right away. As a political scholar, I do comprehend the path IPOB is making headway, some suggest to stop the election forcefully as the best option other than a boycott. In a layman interpretation and simple understanding, a call for Sit At Home is a call for safety, it’s also a sign to show displeasure or political protest against electoral fraud and illegitimate electoral process, the idea is generally acceptable by international law popularly known as civil disobedience. It has successfully worked in many countries such as Jamaican general election 1983, Slovak referendum 1997, Bangladesh 2014 general election, Ghanaian parliamentary 1992 election and many more others. Recent boycott of a presidential debate by Nigeria impostor parading as president was also a typical example that boycott works as it was done to, avoid implicating that thing in Aso Rock.

Biafra nation is naturally Republican, Biafrans behave according to their conscience pleases them without neither compel nor force contrary one's opinion, election boycott is not necessarily for Biafrans like me because I never voted in my life despite, being a political scientist by profession, political participation in British enclave created by an alien is not for me. Only the historical fraudulence creation of Nigeria makes me despise that slave camp with every drop of my blood to the extent I didn’t know even how to recite their ordinary National Anthem, because of that I never consider myself a Nigerian for that reason I don’t expect anything good from the hopeless government invariably, they shouldn’t expect me partake in their illegal activities. My point of view is simple; I willingly abstain from anything relating Nigeria politics without purpose long before now when no one can proudly identify self a Biafran, I always feel irritate anything that has to do with Nigeria and that pathological exasperate has not to change, not now, not ever even IPOB likes let them call off the boycott I wouldn’t vote.

Unscrupulous brain dead elements twisting Nnamdi Kanu’s valid argument to maneuver gullible minors on election boycott was dead on arrival, the hypothetic thesis used by IPOB leader was difficult to digest by brown envelope Nigeria gutter media, it never occurred to them ordinary Ohaneze Ndigbo, was unable to meet the preconditions of IPOB when the treacherous Igbo Socio mercenary wanted coalition, by all means, the same way FG won’t find it easy to meet up IPOB demands to call off the election boycott. This makes Nigeria government always falls inside the pit whenever their dead brain is tasted; election boycott is sacrosanct and irreversible in a sense that election doesn’t count in Nigeria, electorates can only waist he/her miserable life at polling units, at the end political bourgeois from Northern extraction choose staunch slaves loyal to them as winner with military pythons dancing around the serene peaceful environment as dividends of democracy. It’s far better every right-thinking being stays at home enjoys Okazi soup and drive away political demons that may torment your life on that election day.

Once Biafra is finally restored, a level playground for political participation shall usher in unlike, political hatred and do or die political gimmicks ravaging Nigeria system where a particular region is a map out for total annihilation, sense of belonging only for political class and beer parlor constitution drafted by few military political juntas other than peoples oriented constitution. What else can motivate a contentious fellow to partake in that already counted rigged so-called election, is it state manage terrorism, kidnap system of government, torture, and marginalization? Vote is a vote for another Military Operation Python dance, Islamization, socio-political bondage, ethnocentrism, political dynasty above all your heritage, land handed over to Sokoto caliphate to be managed by Sultan as Afonja deliberately invited Islamic jihadists to slaughter his own people today Kwara State is under Islamic control answerable to Sultan of Sokoto instead of Oba the way these political criminals, the life of Okezie Ikpeazu, Dave Umahi and Okoro Hausa at Douglas. One that knows nothing pertaining to his origin is likely ending in the oblivion of history since the inception of British enterprise named Nigeria. an election in Nigeria useless, as Nigeria politicians feed fat from suffering and agony of electorates.

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