By Chika Austin
Published by The Biafra Post | January 20, 2019

"We must not fight when our enemies want us to do so nor should we be that stupid to play the popular card. The leftist are getting upset that IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu haven't declared war by now. ...why would a group depends on another group to declare war for them?" - Chika Austin

I would want to start this long essay by quoting Donald Trump's recent statement while standing on the Pentagon podium;
"All over, foreign adversaries, competitors, and rogue regimes are steadily enhancing their missile arsenals. Their arsenals are getting bigger and stronger” - Donald Trump, 2019.

Donald Trump is a conservative who believes in maintaining and keeping of the philosophies of the founding fathers of the United States which supposed to include less belligerence and bellicosity. But because, the reality is that United States is facing severe threats regionally and across the Pacific, his conservativism can't be allowed to get to Pentagon, less United States will be in jeopardy. That is where discretion comes in decision making which sometimes contradicts one's or group earlier position.

Life is good when people are allowed to express their minds wether aligning to the defined mission's modus operandi or not. Allowing people to say whatever they think could help one or leadership of any movement to understand and revaluate the level of penetration of whatever message to the people.

In Biafra restoration project today,  I have been previledged to assessed, analysed and re-engineered lots of minds. The more you hear some Biafrans, you could deduced frankly that though majority want Biafra, but are too confused on how it should be gotten. To them, it is a desired paradise lost! The lack of how diplomacy and nation states politics work makes them to think that Biafra restoration path should only be viewed from conservative point of view.

And what are these conservative views?

Those in this school of thought are those who don't just believe that Biafra should be restored but by far, must be restore through the known methods our fathers went through (on trenches). They see no other good methods other than engaging in warfare wether calculative or incalculably. Like the conservative Jews of Jesus era, they believed that anyone talking of freedom without taking them into war anyhow is not the real leader.

This view might be good no doubt, but further analyses shows that it is rather not to fight than fighting with a ragtag and feeble plan. War is a science, and if it is a science (whether social or natural science), it must be approached same way every scientific result is approached which is via scientific methods. Though it might be called a scientific method here, but strategical and surgical planning. The two aforementioned planning mechanism will be a strong determinant factor in predicting how a battle is loss and won.


I chose to make this work more of academical and intellectual discourses because of my targeted audience. Those who might not get carried along have to look for a way to decode for a better encoding of my assertion here. Global realities have shown cases of paradigm or slight shift from conservative methods to liberal methods. Nnamdi Kanu no doubt is a conservative propelled by nostalgic feelings which in another way round, his conservativeness is geard towards result orientation. For his kind of conservative, he is a realist who would want to readjust his method today if the new method is promising to his desired and targeted result. I am a social scientist which at the moment of this discussion, is speaking as one viewing things from professional point of view. Method review (if there is any) in any movement is not a new idea, ideas and strategies are often incouraged to be reviewed for enhancing targeted result.

Any people who want to achieve greatly must not be repulsive to "super arguments", for as day and nights break, your enemies are getting innovative and it is stupidity for you not to be mentally innovative. New ideas with discipline to the targeted result is ideal. Most times, those whose minds are too retrogressive to accelerate along will term it "betrayal". Here, what is important is the safety of the targeted result in midst of complex methodology. Since a year plus, I have been a consulted distance consultant to a South African Community who are seeking for their benefits from a mining company in their ancestrial lands. When I was told of the job, I took time to review the existing methodology adopted by the people; I discovered that for a long time, the people have been too conservative in their tactics which made the multinational company to master what I called mono-strategy and forced it to be stalemated. I took time to let the community leaders and other groups involved to understand the need to adopt multi approaches with conservative result target.

This they never adopted easily as their age-long methods was embedded and domiciled in them. But much pressure from my side got that off from them and today, the community and the company reached a win-win ground (though I loss my friend in course of this).

In IPOB leadership, what most people don't understand is that Nnamdi Kanu as a leader of the movement, have other resource personalities around who are power brokers and traders. Most of them understand the art of struggle and state crafts. I was privileged to be in IPOB meeting of professors and emeritus professors; in the midst of these fellows in a particular social strata, I realized that there is an indept analyses of various IPOB positions. But what got me bizzare was the fact that these resource persons operate their own "special units" under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu. These professors from different professions and they are covertly making inputs unknown to us. Do you ever think in midst of such individuals, deadlock conservative ideology will be promoted? The answer is NO!  These individuals unknown to most of us don't start a war they can't end, neither would they follow you wonder Nnamdi Kanu often talks of "super arguments". That is what we need at this crucial time of the struggle and not chilling childish rants.

What we think we hold tenaciously today as a salient method might have been too colloquial and out of context due to the enemies understanding of that tactics. Being predictable in a struggle amounts to fighting before your enemies unclothed. And that IPOB should discard. It looks both the traitors and Nigeria are worried of IPOB not declaring war till now. Anyway that is good for them.

We must not fight when our enemies want us to do so nor should we be that stupid to play the popular card. The leftist are getting upset that IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu haven't declared war by now; good from them. But why would a group depends on another group to declare war for them. IPOB says election boycotts and diplomacy; why not you go ahead with election participation and war. After all if having analysed your strategy and that will give us Biafra, it will be good for all Biafrans. For we under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, we trust his contacts and intelligentsia that your lazy house wife tale could distract us.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
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