Biafra: The Biafra Revolution And The Birthing Of A Nation

Editorial: Biafra Reporters
January 05, 2019 | Published by The Biafra Post

Biafra had always been a child bore or born out of circumstances beyond the human expectations and accuracy base on human instincts, the Biafra seed was soaked with toxic and harmful chemicals so that when being buried there wouldn't be any tendency of the seed germinating or sprouting. The resultant mischievous believe is that the Biafra seed has been crushed and wouldn't regenerate again. Then there comes the "divide and rule them" tactics enunciated by the colonial British slave merchants to her Hausa-Fulani proxy stooges.

Necessity is the mother of invention as most Biafra fallen and fearless warriors will always say, it is most demeaning and disrespectful to the survival of humanity that a people were crushed and left to die in a union that one can walk away if the other party don't consider her values. What crime did Biafrans committed that British government that brought her Caucasian [Western] civilization, that made them feast on the blood of innocent Biafra civilians?

British government made sure that the Sun never set in Biafra again. The already rising Sun of Biafra was turned bloody with the blood of innocent civilians; sight seeing became turbid, vultures preyed on bullet wounded individuals that died from the mercenaries' arsenals. The land was raided like where the world was fighting a terrorist battle. It couldn't be said or mentioned that this people were fighting for the survival of her race rather the British government with her BBC media called and tagged them rebels fighting the colonial instituted government of "slave obey your master".

Biafra was reintegrated back into Nigeria with hardship and hatred; their human value to life was trashed upon, Ohaneze Ndigbo was formed to first cause disunity amongst Biafrans from rising again, some of the Biafra Sons that becomes Nigerian government officials and handlers become Hausa-Fulani informants sabotaging anything that has to do with Biafra. They gave information to Nigerian government so as to remain relevant in their Master-Slave relationship.

Did Biafra loose the war? To some Yes, and to some No!, Biafra lost her human population and man power in that era of 1966-1970 that the British government master-minded and supervised the Biafra killings because of its natural resources. The British government lost her conscience and sense of human reasoning for having encouraged a fellow black men to take the lives of fellow black men through barrels of gun. The British suppervised genocide against Biafrans was indeed for the colonial interest and not for the benefit of the people of Biafra.

Why didn't the rest of the European Union engage British government in a war of fatality and genocide for having conducted herself through a Brexit referendum? Why was it peaceful and calm that when the British government wants to dismember herself from the European Union it was considered the rights of the people of Britain and European Union gave them a headway to decide and make their choice of an Independent Britain? British government first seeks for her people's interest but will go a long way to deny others of that right. In secrecy British government champions and promotes war crimes. Fast forward to 21st Century, the Century of Referendum and not war, the British government is still tele-guiding Nigerian government officials and political office holders on what to do to exterminate and abort the second rising of the Child [Biafra], born out of all sorts of human degradation.

Where is the World and its civility? Where is the United Nations and her Self-determination charter and the European Union Charter to which upon the British government were responsive to have a successful referendum; circumstances gives room for opportunities and same circumstances gives room for the yarning to have Biafra restored without making enemies on both sides of the divide; Buhari and his army of perdition has done more harm than good. People are dying by Nigerian government's bullets whilst Boko Haram are now repentant and enrolled into the Nigerian Army. What a joke of a Nation?

Biafra is the seed designed and planted by the maker of the universe and all the great and mighty things in it, and so therefore, British government and her evil in crime partner - Nigeria have nothing left than to surrender to the yelling need of a people whose freedom was taken away from them at gun point when they never asked or demanded for war. But rather, British government and her accomplice considered war a necessity that "we must shut this people up with our warfares";

The Biafra current revolution has encapsulated Nigeria to the point of brink of separation. Nobody from the rest of the federating units were able to address the anomalies causing the young Biafrans to rise and agitates for their freedom rather the Nigerian government came up with brute force and treated them with disdain. Who do we blame for the birthing of the new Nation -Biafra? Absolutely Nigeria is to blame.

Now the quest to restore Biafra has become a global trend and its peaceful phenomenon has caught the interest of the world and her civil society organizations to ask questions on why tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and his Islamic army, Fulani herdsmen are killing this people because of their quest to freedom. And as a result of Nigerian government foolishness, world renowned government bodies are keying into the Biafra project for bilateral interest; working towards establishing business ventures in a peaceful Jewish Nation unlike the terrorist war thorn zone of the Mohammedan Empire of Sokoto Northern Caliphate.

He that wins the war, is he who lives to tell the story on how it all happened and how they were able to arrive at their destination point; Biafrans are happy to tell her stories and how they were able to achieve Biafra under a relentless and passionate leader - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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