By Kelechi Okorie,
January 1,2019

IPOB activities made her most tremendous headlines in Nigeria media platforms and the world at large. On 2018 when the IPOB media war can no longer be hidden, media blackout as conditioned to all news carriers in Nigeria to confiscate any related Biafra activities is no longer possible as the blowing wing cannot be retrieved anymore. then the going gets hot IPOB hierarchy never lose slip over a bastardize order, knowing full well IPOB media team is equal the task in all ramifications. The vocal leader made it clear on Radio Biafra London, that Nigeria brown envelope journalists and media houses can never receive a damn in form of inducement from IPOB to air or disseminate its activities to the general public. Surprisingly, every media platform is inquisitive to carryout Biafra news hence, it’s the most concern interesting events and people’s choice that easily attracts traffic for online news, Blogging and newspaper print.

Below are few among the many trending IPOB activities in the year 2018;

Israeli Interest In Africa Is Encapsulated In Biafra:
Both Israel and Biafra have come to realize that they are one with the same DNA patriarchal links to Eri, Areli and Arodi who were the last three sons of Gad, who happens to be the 7th son of Jacob before historical sojourn in Egypt. Israeli Prime Minister spoke to protect Jews around the world and Africa in particular shows the historical Israel-Biafra relationships is far fetch in working hand in hand as one from the same descendant. Since IPOB leader surface in Israel, the relationship between the two nations becomes more mutual than ever. Netanyahu’s quest for UK to support Biafra nation during the G8 Summit last Monday, as is in line with UN Charter. He argues Biafra is due to stand as a nation making him urged all world leaders to find a reason to support this separatist group in eastern Nigeria.

Absence Of FG’s Stalls Trial Of Kanu And Co-defendants:
Federal High Court on Wednesday adjourned the hearing of Nnamdi Kanu and co-defendants till 29th March 2019. Binta Nyako, the Chief Judge expresses satisfaction over the appearance of defendants, according to her, she said defendants can continue to enjoy their bail but our witness must be protected. Over two years now the prosecutor (FG) is yet to provide witnesses to testify against the defendants on the treasonable, felony and terrorist non-sense allegation. Whereas main Hausa Fulani terrorists Boko Haram and herdsmen are safeguarded by APC Buhari’s atrocity regime.

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Reveals Real Reason Solders Invaded His Home:

This revelation was first made known by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu when IPOB followers paid him a courtesy visit in his residence. The exposure of the body double parading himself as a president of Nigeria was the reason military invasion of his home in the guise of routine military exercise tagged Operation Python Dance II. The video clip shows Nnamdi vowed to storm Federal High Court with more 2 million IPOB on the 17th Sept 2017. FG inability to kill him is misery beyond canal interpretation; the obituary press release by Abia State governor, Okezie Ikpeazu vindicated all South East governors and their partner in crime Ohaneze Ndigbo, their deliberate silent after more than 28 innocent IPOB souls were lost during the carnage.

Alert: FG Plots To Shutdown Internet Over Embarrassing exposure Of Impostor In Aso Rock – IPOB

FG attempt to hide undiluted truth from millions of Nigerians by plotting to shut down the internet was averted by IPOB intelligent units, their intention was to reverse the impostor’s identity currently occupying Nigeria seat of power so Nigerians won’t know a foreign national from far away Sudan is heading the highest position in their so-called country. IPOB media and publicity secretary Emma Powerful on his press statement advised FG to package that thing and send it back to Sudan, with the cancellation of further elections and convene a government of national unity that shall usher in a referendum to enable Biafrans to decide their future.

Buhari’s Fake Certificate Saga: IPOB Sues WAEC For Fraud, Insist The Man In Aso Rock Is An Impostor From Sudan:
The certificate issued to Nigeria late president Mohammadu Buhari, in 1961 when the examination body was not into existence contradict with the forgery attestation given to the power monger impostor fighting to keep having control of other peoples country as an alien is more of international fraud of the century. Nnamdi Kanu instructed IPOB legal team to file a case against WAEC before a Ghana court, to challenge the council’s recent disgraceful attestation West Africa School Certificate.
The Selective “Stop And Search “ Order On Biafrans At Nigeria Airport, A Quick Reminder That Biafrans Are Not Part Of Nigeria:

Information brought to The Biafra Post (TBP) desk newsrooms has it that there is deliberate ongoing discriminatory selective stop and search order against Biafrans coming home this festive period on various Nigerian Airports, using both immigration and custom as pointers to witch hunt Biafrans and their goods. After paying customs duties to clear your goods, the customs would further be stationed on the road to further intercepts the goods that were already been cleared in the woof. Whereas, other nationalities within the same country are not experiencing the same difficulties. This alone reminds Biafrans that anyone with one Nigeria mantra is deceiving him /herself where he sees as outcasts which violate the principle of the sacrosanct territorial integrity.

Independence Day Coldness Shows Lack Of Unity In Nigeria- IPOB:

Militaristic unitary APC arrangement is an indication of the response by Nigerians towards the Oct 1st Independence Day Celebration. Due to Nigeria is not worth celebrating compliance was zero showing dissatisfaction among the general public and disunity that cannot be hidden anymore. IPOB through its Media and Publicity Secretary Emma Powerful, urged good people of Middle Belt, enslave Northern Nigeria and progressive elements in Yoruba land to join hand with IPOB in locking down Nigeria land mass by boycotting 2019 already rigged general elections.
DSS Speaks On Those Who Allegedly Helped Nnamdi Kanu Escape:

DSS denies reports that five of its personnel aided Mazi Nnamdi Kanu escaped from Nigeria. According to DSS spokesman Mr Peter Afunanya described the allegation made by Uwazuruike that Kanu’s disappearance was a non-issue because it was carefully prearranged as malicious, fake and mischievous.

See How IPOB Sit At Home Turned Out In Enugu, Awka, Aba Others:

Total compliance of Sit At Home ordered by IPOB was superb, extraordinary. Biafrans find the reason to observe the exercise every shop, banks; markets, were locked up, roads deserted with no one on sight. The exercise marks exactly one-year Operation Python Dance II wrecked havocs in IPOB leader’s home killed more than 28 Kanu’s supporters, it was tagged saboteurs day. The connive atrocity committed by South East Governors and Ohaneze that ushers in the military invasion in a serene environment can’t be forgotten by Biafrans. It is now an annual event to enable upcoming generations to know the history of those behind the killing of her people.

Nnamdi Kanu Attacks Apostle Suleman Over Disgrace prophecy, And Hails Oyadepo:

Nnamdi Kanu commended General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyadepo for his boldness to speak up against the unhealthy trick games going on in Nigeria presidency where non-indigene takes over the highest position in the country, equivalent to colonial rule everyone kept mute. Perhaps, there is every atom of truth that Buhari may have died, buried in Saudi Arabia, an impostor from Sudan replicates him to deceive gullible Nigerians. Kanu charges all preachers to emulate Oyadepo because it’s an abomination before heaven and man to harbour impunity and deceit used by FG to divert attention. Unlike Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Int’l, Apostle Johnson Suleman who gave fake prophet that IPOB leader will be disgrace both locally and internationally. Notwithstanding, Kanu up till date is being acknowledged around the world by world leaders for his outstanding quest to free Biafra and style of peaceful leadership in a hostile Nigeria system.

IPOB Slams Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Over Betrayal Of Trust, Sabotage Of Igbo Interest:

Over the years Ohaneze’s existence is meaningless without anything to show for only to connive with FG in sabotaging the collective interest of Igbo race. The exclusive making of this Igbo social-cultural group and South East Governors consider IPOB a threat to their livelihood and were determined to accept countless cold-blooded executions of innocent IPOB members in order to show their Fulani paymasters they are good Nigerians.

Abia State Will Burn Should Ikpeazu Is Re-Elected- Says Nnamdi Kanu:

During a Radio Biafra London live broadcast anchored by Nnamdi Kanu, he admonished Abia State governor Okezie Ikpeazu for his complicit roles to assassinate him using Operation Python Dance I, II, III, in a peaceful serene atmosphere unlike North East terrorists are tormenting peoples life. He sends a very clear message that “if Ikpeazu goes back to Abia State government house, the state will burn because he is a descendant of Hausa Fulani.

Ill-Treatment Of Biafran Jews In Nigeria Is A Replica Of The Jewish Holocaust By The Nazis:
11th Dec 2018 recorded atrocious inhuman maltreatment and unlawful arrest of Jewish Biafrans observing their prayers with a procession in Umuahia, the state capital. Their peaceful precession never calls for forceful military intervention. Military sported seen on live video shooting unarm Jewish worshipers for nothing only adhered to uphold their religious beliefs while the military is absconded for safety to face arm terrorist groups in Northern part of Nigeria.

Buhari's Impostor; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu uncovering And The Shortsightedness Of Gullible Nigerians:

The first time body double was reviewed by the supreme leader in his hometown, Afra Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia province while addressing IPOB members who paid him a courtesy visit, during the sensitization many never take the revelation serious till he digests it more and more to a laid man understanding over the Radio Biafra lecture segment everyone sees reasoning to believe really Nigeria does have an impostor as president contrary to former perception of late Buhari who was rigged into power by external forces. Every of his untouched body structure can’t be hidden, the inner ear (Antihelix), the outer layer (Lobule), palms and thump print are unchangeable no matter high expertise surgery carryout. The impostor can impersonate but can’t be real dead Buhari. During the lecture, Nnamdi Kanu opens gullible Nigerians eyes to an extent none of them can proudly identify self a Nigerian.

IPOB Mocks FG Over Radio Biafra:
IPOB leadership debunked claimed by FG, that radio Biafra network and its stations have been seized and handed it over to Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Kaduna Station. Initially, Nigeria Broadcasting Commission NBC boasted to have jammed the station surprisingly as days pass by the same jammed stations waxes stronger than ever making the commission armature in their area of specialization. Only the radio station that tattered the images of Nigeria, her authority is in disarray following the shock and panic attract often sent along the corridors of power in Abuja.

• How I Was Smuggled Out Of Nigeria:

During a live interview with Israeli TV, Kanu said with the help of IPOB volunteers he was smuggled out before Nigeria armed security forces that were armed the to teeth could get to his bedroom, on the process of safeguarding him more than 28 IPOB members were shot to death. The wounds sustained made him undergo treatments before he finds his way to holy land of Israel.

How IPOB Forces Nigeria Into Bad Investment:

IPOB with God-given intelligent forces Nigeria to spent her worthless naira in the guise of stopping Biafra agitation to an extent of acquiring modern sophisticated weapons worth billions of naira to kill Biafrans fighting to be free in line with the rule of a UN Charter on self-determination. Funny, the fighter jets used in wrecking Kanu’s residence have suddenly disappeared in a fight against Boko Haram, the dreaded terrorist group disgracing Nigeria security forces.

Nnamdi Kanu; I Never Threatened Israel-Says Lai Mohammed:
The parrot Minister of Information Culture and Tourism, Lai Mohammed denied threatened to send missiles to Israeli soil after received equivalent responds from Israeli defence. In order to divert attention, he exonerates himself from the empty threat by encouraging gullible Nigerians never to lose sleep over Kanu’s reappearance.

Ex Uk Lawmaker Erick Joyce Insists Nigeria President Is Dead:
He made this known via his Twitter handle as the channels have been made open by Nnamdi Kanu, for everyone to air his view. The former UK parliamentarian and a lawyer challenges Nigeria government to sue him in any competent court. Till date, FG has not uttered a word to discredit this hidden truth.

IPOB; No Amount Of Threats And Intimidations Will Stop Biafra:
Long before Noble Laurente Prof. Wole Soyinka said Biafra is an ideology that can’t be defeated with guns and bullets. Nigeria government has tried all they could to stop the agitation but to no avail, applications military might’s has not to quench agitation instead, it keeps moving stronger more than expected. Finally, FG can accept Biafra struggle has gone beyond Rubicon to contemplate backing down.

I Know Buhari Is Dead And Buried, Kanu Is Right – Gen. TY Danjuma:
The statement made by Gen. TY Danjuma, once again vindicates Kanu allegation that impersonator imposes by cabals is functioning as late Buhari, who died in UK hospital and buried in Saudi Arabia according to IPOB leader. Danjuma in his opinion before the allegation should be overlooked, he charges FG to organize media chat to prove the accusation wrong as Obasanjo’s dead rumour was debunked to clear the air.

Osu Cast System Hits The Rock In Igbo Land:

Already during the interacting broadcast of Nnamdi Kanu over the radio Biafra in 2014, he made it known to all and sundry that Biafra will have an egalitarian system where merit counts. Inequality, nepotism, favouritism experiencing in Nigeria can’t be tolerated in any kind once Biafra is restored and anybody degrading his fellow being or found wanting shall be persecuted accordingly. The official ceremonial abolition of Osu caste system was held Friday 28th Dec, that attracted prominent personnel from all works of life in attendance to perform spiritual rites to eradicate the inequality system making victims look inferior.

Two Powerful People Frustrate Buhari’s Efforts To Perform Says Aisha:
According to the wife of the president Aisha Buhari, on her address, she made it known to millions of Nigerians who voted her husband into power that only two powerful men are retrogressive elements preventing the late president perform as expected. Though names behind Baba goes slow malfunctioning was not mentioned but every right thinking being known Abba Kyari and Ma,maan Daura are culprits leading cabals behind all the atrocities in APC terrorist government.

Our Decision To Boycott 2019 Election Irrevocable:
No reasonable Biafran shall ever be considering voting come 2019, assimilation of Biafra restoration has digested in everyone's conscience to see elections in Nigeria as useless as their politicians. The modus operandi of an election boycott by IPOB corners Nigeria into a state of confusion. Through the boycott, exercise world shall once again understand Biafrans had totally denounced to be part of the evil contraption.
Buhari Was Never At The Paris Peace Summit, The Cabals Are Deceiving Gullible Nigerians:

Nigeria head of state Buhari absconded the ongoing Summit in Paris, France. A suppose president enlisted as one of the guests were not found at the World Summit. On hearing the planned arrangements that must implicate him probably send him to jail for impersonation made him hide in stage manage venue using to trick Nigerians as Biafra intelligent units unveiled their shenanigans to the world to see how the presidency has long playing Nigerians.

An Insult To All Nigerians; The Misery Power Of A Sudanese As Nigerian President:
Hopelessness and helplessness of Nigerians made them endure and accept any nonsense pinning them down to an early grave. Few privileged people recklessly holding more than 80million population ransom is an insult to the highest other to the point they prefer to die in captivity than to revolt against corruption, maladministration and heinous crime against mankind. It’s an unprecedented unacceptable crime to allow a foreign national who was not elected impose on millions of Nigerians to act as their president. Nothing shall ever change for good in that part of the world for keeping mute on the criminal activity, revolution only possible means to change status quo is not achievable in Nigeria due ethnocentrism, religious bigotry and other unprinted social vices that might hinder the successful revolution.

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