Photo Nigeria Army attacked Jewish Biafrans

By Simon Okube Ekwy

Jewish Biafra was attacked by Nigeria joint security shooting live arm nation to us today been 11th December 2018

Any military man that shoots an unarmed civilian is not a professional military man!

What did we do? 

Just a peaceful match in recognition of our identity you’re killing us! 

What do you hope to achieve?

It’s only a black man that shoots and kills the one he swore to protect!

I ask why does God tolerate evil? Because He has given the man the authority to take care of evil, but the black man keeps calling on God to come and help him solve the problem He has given him the intelligence and power to handle.

Blackman arises, your counterparts in other continents look at life differently, no wonder they’ve gone ahead of you.

There’s a religion in every continent, but it’s only a black man that allows religion to ruin his destiny.
There’s politics in every nation, but it’s only a black man that turns politics into civil war.

There are power and authority everywhere, but it’s only a black man that uses his power and authority to dominate others, especially the weak and powerless. 

There’s gun everywhere, but it’s only a black man that uses gun, dagger, and machete to destroy his own kind and brother.

Everyman has an ego, but it’s only the black man that uses his ego to destroy himself.There are women everywhere, but only a black man thinks that conquering women is his life given goal and mission.

Black man, when you begin to see your world differently, your world will begin to obey you. When you know and own Truth, freedom will come!!

Editor/Publisher: Ugwu Okechukwu
For Biafra Reporter
Twitter @ugwuokechukwu6


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  1. We live in black Africa. We are brutalized. We are subjected to all manner of mental, emotional, psychological and physical torture. We are black, just as our name implies. We await the redemption of IPOB.They must not renegade on their pledge to right the wrong of our generation. So many of us have died seeking this freedom.Should we die getting this liberty.If need be,YES.