Biafra: Undoubtably The Animal Kingdom Is In A Disarray

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
October 08, 2018

Isn't it shamefacedly that the much hype giant of Africa has gradually slided into a lean socio-economic and socio-political state condition of distrust amongst the government handlers - the politicians, it is most unfortunate that the animal kingdom (Nigeria) have proved beyond every reasonable doubt to be too poor and uncultured. The Nigeria society under a tyrant and former dictator prove to be infinitely more unstable and unconservative to the tenets of a democratic state.

The Nigeria animal kingdom co-conspirators in the legislative hierarchy saw the treatment coming from dictator Mohammadu Buhari APC- led fraud and miscalculated government of false change; initiated a decisive protest to register their displeasures with the way and method the Nigerian government under Mohammadu Buhari - the propagandist was meddling and controlling the country's electoral body- INEC and they were mercilessly teargassed, harassed and humiliated by Mohammadu Buhari's gendarmes - The Nigerian Police Force. 

Even on a fine sieve there would be a one and thousand form of bitter complaints which will somewhat snowball to protests by all concerned individuals apart the corrupt legislatures; what a providential coincidence that when the institution charged with the responsibility of rehabilitating their constituents through their statutory allocations pocket these funds and expect the people to pat their back for embarking on a protest, the culturally bankruptcy of the Nigerian state will never be favourable for any kind of protest[s] because those involved are as guilty as the Nigerian tyrant -Mohammadu Buhari.

For long, the Nigerian politicians have proven too poor and ignorant of the fact that Mr. Mohammadu Buhari cannot be ousted out of office by organizing protest to which when analyzed, is caused by a deplorable  misunderstanding between the duo in government band wagon of change. The protest organized by the PDP legislatures should be gifted more with smacks of harassment and brutality because the ABC of this protest in the animal kingdom as viewed by Mohammadu Buhari and his brothers, as leftist excess, the stupid and stale prejudices of these uncultured legislative criminals are enmeshed in their over zealot thirst to govern and not to bring any meaningful solution to the problems of the British government's animal farm. 

As a litterateur and essayist I will continue to question the conscience of all those involved in this criminality exercise called protest; have they for one day in their plenary sessions discuss, adumbrates and proffer solutions to the killings happening in all the nooks and corners of this measureless country; no! Because to them the life of those animals [humans] not opportune to be in the Nigerian corridors of power do not count. Isn't it also shameful the press reflect only in a faint degree the degree of inhuman acts gulping Nigeria. The legislatures have eyes in order to see nothing but unfortunately protesting to safeguard their meal ticket afloat the oil money.

The Abuja legislatures forget so fast that their intimidating cum humiliating characters on their people that voted them in, - makes prostitution to take elegant form of small and big mutual services amongst the Nigerian girls desperate to live in Abuja; the legislatures are much concerned about their respectability and ordered the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra to leave the streets; now why are they on the same line of action with the Biafrans! hypocrisy is playing out. Who knows what the end story would be. Let them think referendum or got consummated by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari gendarmes next time they are seen disturbing public peace as they would always tell IPOB activists.


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