By Kelechi Okorie,
September 19, 2018

Once again Biafrans showed they are in charge, as original owners of the land having legitimate power and mandate in their hands to make decisions. No matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to bury smoke, the same way Biafra cannot wish-wash is an ideology, culture, and religion that cannot be defeated with the application of force. Editors in various media houses might succumb heavy pressure by Nigeria government to falsify the outcome of Sit At Home total compliance in Biafraland, unlike IPOB. This is not the first time Biafrans adhered their conscience in memory of those killed in cold blood, the last year 2017 Operation Python Dance II, that led forceful disappearance of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu and Director of Radio Biafra was also respected. Saboteur’s memory day ought to had averted by the government, they massively employed every arsenal to cowed masses but no avail as Biafrans took it upon themselves to reflect on the fateful sober. Governors from Igbo extraction fought tooth and nail to thwart and insert fear on the citizens to ignore the generational conspiratorial roles played by them to please Sultan, their slave masters in the Northern caliphate.

The decease spirits took preeminence and control over Biafraland. Perhaps, left the irresponsible government with no option than intimidating media platforms to disseminate divergent different viewpoints contrary to absolute compliance. That was, by the way, at least Biafrans proved to the world how civilized they are with the legitimate mandate and sovereign power to manage its affairs, a constituency in a dim fit even in a duress without external interference. The heat is making Nigeria cries out loud, with no telescope for assertion; IPOB has gone beyond rubicon to contemplate backing down in her modus operandi to live as a free people like other civilized countries of the world.

Gruesomely, if trekking alone determines who gets fit to run for the presidency as myopic gullible APC ruling party was made to believe, their lifeless imposter is physically fit for trekking 800km. Biafra reporters crew tirelessly toured around Aba metropolis, a busiest commercial hub in Biafraland, came up contrary to what brown envelop journalists reported. Everywhere was deserted like a wilderness left in its natural state. If all samples collected by Biafra Reporters crew were to be written down the book won’t contain the words. One of the interviewees Stephen Ndukwe opines, he almost fails to seek as everywhere was boring to an extent all the roads were empty without a single soul on the sight. He praises Nyisom Wike, the Executive Governor of Rivers State for declared IPOB “General Strike and Saboteur’s day” public holiday, according to him he charges other governors mainly from Igbo Extraction to follow suit. He continues said, IPOB is well organized and discipline, if she calls for another strike any moment from now all and sundry will anonymously abide, as the only visible grass root movement having the interest of Biafrans at heart to restore long-awaited lost heritage.

As early as 6am New Market popularly known as Ahia Ohu in Ngwa Road was scanty and deserted in spite, it was a remarkable market day, few people hanged around helplessly went back home while observed no customers to patronize their goods. Only people found inside the market were Nigeria police force drinking dry gin, one of them was drunk sleeping with his gun beside him. All the banks were padlocked with ATM shunned down, tertiary institutions were not left out Abia Poly, School of Health including government and private schools were all closed down observing Sit At Home order by IPOB, very shameful Nigeria media is complicit to report the way it was.

Brown envelop journalists jettisoned media ethics with compromised reports, up till date they are yet to give evidence of their hypothesis with video evidence contrary to the facts. Their amateur blackmailed against IPOB burned down Dangote Trucks was lair from a pit of hell, the simple question they must ask themselves was, did Biafrans set the trucks on fire while sat at home? Though, IPOB is not worried over their inherit stage manage shenanigans to scuttle the minors on the voluntarily total compliance by Biafrans to reflect those shot at Afara Ukwu Ibeku with live bullets by murderous janjaweed terrorist Nigeria soldiers. Yet, not minding how odd it is, Nigeria has not understood the rationale behind the success recorded so far by IPOB with wisdom. Without been told Igbo politicians are politically irrelevant, now they knew power belongs to the people and Biafrans have taken their destiny into their hands. It’s now severe and certain referendum is the only political remedy to solve this national question before Nigeria government, failure to adhere this contemporary global democratic process may spell doom for Africa in general and Zoo in particular.
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