VOBS Conference at Unizik 

By Onyegbula Solomon - TBP.
August 5,2018

The roles and powers of Students in National movements, the World over, can never and shall never be overemphasized.
Students have always been a great force to reckon with in National Movements.
Using Indian Students as a case study, the students of India remain role models to Students movement for National growth or independence. For instance, when Lord Curzon petitioned Bengal in 1905, for the freedom of India from the shackles of Britain or British Government; the Students were greatly behind him.

Also, prominently, under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian Students became a formidable force in India. When Gandhi launched his campaign against the Rowlatt Act, 1919 and the Jallianwalla Bagh atrocities, the Students of India participated in very large numbers.
Students of India played more vital roles in various campaigns launched by Gandhi against the British such as the "no tax campaign", in 1921, the civil disobedience movement, the removal of untouchability and casteism, adult education, to mention but a few.
Indian Students also participated in the " quit Indian movement " movement launched by Gandhi against the British government. They boycotted schools, organized peaceful rallies and protests in towns and cities. Some also took to violence like blocking transport routes, destroying public properties, disturbing police, banks and other Government agencies.

Haven brought to the limelight, some of the roles played by the Indian Students in the freedom of India. We can also remember that the independence movement of Nigeria was championed by then Students Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafewa Balewa etc.
Therefore, the Students of Biafra should be up and doing in the freedom of Biafra.
Thanks to the creator of the whole universe, the students of Biafra have come under an umbrella with the name " VOICE OF BIAFRAN STUDENTS ", events have been carried out by this body of Students, like monthly conference and monthly live broadcast, galvanization of the Students in various institutions in Biafra land and beyond.
Nevertheless, more is still expected of the Students, we should be fully involved in the restoration movement, we need to leave our comfort zone and join the Voice of Biafra Students, we must make our presence known in Biafra land and beyond.
Biafra Students must stand up to be counted especially now that our referendum is very much around the corner. We must take the referendum message and Biafra restoration message to our institutions.
It is either now or never, Voice of Biafran Students should indeed live by its slogan " VOBS! Hope for Biafra "

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