By Okeke Reuben IleChukwu - TBP August 30, 2018 Umunachi Anambra State - Biafra Reporters have uncovered a deadly sinister plan by the enemy of the people of Biafra one Mr. Ikechukwu Odionu working for the Nigerian government as a sell out and a traitor to the well-being of the indigenous people of Umunnachi; The threat with forfeiture of citizenship as a result of failure to have a voter's card is unconstitutional and no right-minded constitution in the world would support such stupid assertion as a prerequisite to being a citizen of a state that you must continue to involve yourself in the country's a selection process. The continuous abuse and siege on the rights of individuals in Nigeria is fast taking different shapes and sizes. It is said that corruption begets corruption and evil cannot breed goodness but rather an implosion of bad things always use to set an example. The undemocratic announcement made in Umunnachi, a community in Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State has further proven that the impunity in Nigeria public offices are more than cancerous; on the eve of 28th day of August 2018, around 9:30pm on the dot, came a powerful and most spiteful general announcement through a hired public address system. The announcement was carried out in the five [5] villages that made of the community - Umunnachi. According to the hired announcer, all adults from 18years and above, that have not yet gotten their permanent voter's card must endeavor to do so as from 29th of August 2018 and they are meant to do so at the community newly built civic center. The above announcement sounded normal to all and sundry as that is the last resolve of a defeated people; the instruction from the Nigerian government to her agents when investigated is (bringing down the registration to community level in Biafra land since it seems Biafrans have ignored them at the local government level). - That is the instruction. But the atmosphere changed when the hired announcer continued by saying thus "that the five villages - community's vigilante - a village security outfit will be used to make sure that all citizens got registered for the voter's card exercise and if anyone refuses to comply, he or she will automatically loses his or her right of citizenship of the community - Umunnachi. The above Announcement was according to the announcer credited and signed by Umunnachi Improvement Union which was of course chaired by one Barrister Ikechukwu Odionu - the traitor as the said President General of Umunnachi community. That is the level Nigeria democracy has sank. There is no more rights to participate in the electoral process or not. The President General who must have been bribed or placed under pressure by the Nigerian state shamelessly decided to trample upon the rights of the people he is supposed to be serving up to the extent of claiming the ability to relinquish or strip people of their rights of citizenship to their ancestral home. Can the Nigerian zoological trained legal practitioner tell the people of Umunnachi and the world at large the stand of the constitution on the acquisition of citizenship and crime that may lead to stripping of same?. Barrister IkeChukwu Odionu must explain to the people the stand of the constitution on the rights of people to participate or not to participate in electoral process owing to their belief on the effects of the system in a supposed allegedly Democratic country which Nigeria claim to be. Barrister IkeChukwu Odionu must as a matter of urgency rescind that statement credited to him of being in charge of such undemocratic statement so as to save his face. Your position as the President General of Umunnachi does not give you the automatic privilege to determine who becomes a citizen of Umunnachi or not but the constitution does. If you are pressured or promised any offer by the government or any political cabals to force your people against their will to register for voter's card through threats of sanction, you must inform them that your people are learned and understand the law and their rights. Shame on Nigerian democracy !!!!

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