By Kelechi Okorie,

August 24,2018

I hardly praise anybody in this Biafra struggle as it seems total freedom is yet to be achieved if there are people to hold on Biafra women are valor of emulation. Those that did not know Biafra women must take note; these are women of honor, the strength, and backbone of Biafra struggle, fearless and focus to actualize common goal. In our various families, they are the pillar holding us together, nobody should be surprised seeing them heating the streets peacefully demanding the immediate release of their son Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of IPOB. The impossible thing these women can never condole is intimidation in any kind; Zoo colonial masters confirmed their fragility during 1929 Aba Women Revolt against the imposition of heavy taxes on women. Without their relentless action then, women ought to have ceaselessly paying taxes till date probably more than men. They fought against it with the collective strength of women. Those jittering over extra-judicial power abuse meted against Biafra women in Owerri, by Nigeria arm forces should relax though, their emotion is quite understood these women can never bow to pressure. Rochas Okoro Hausa, the criminal governor of Imo State thought somehow these women will succumb, I can bet everything at my disposal these women are stronger and determine to get Biafra to restore by tooth and nail despite, the cost.

Do not be wary Biafra women might be the wave to push Nigeria to oblivion, many do not know they are the pioneers of peaceful protest in all Biafraland demanded immediate released of Nnamdi Kanu’s illegal detention by DSS while returning to his place of birth from his London base. Invariably, they are setting a historical record of closing what they started for the final total emancipation of slavery from Fulani Caliphate. Woo to those believing Igbo slave political jobbers is the heavyweight to champion the struggle, the early we acknowledge power is vested on masses better for us all, than depending on few privilege bourgeoisies with impossible mission accomplish by unreliable sycophantic politicians that abandon their land for Liverpool to celebrate New Yam Festival. A generational tabor that pitches ear is deliberately anchored by so-called leaders of thought, are these types of unscrupulous elements should depend on? Be focus! These idiots are nothing, successful revolution is always achieved by masses with collective aspiration, resoluteness, and determination. Biafra women are on a right path making a distinction with excellent coordination to tackle unprecedented devilish inherited British status quo.

Over there in Owerri maximum prison, our women are in hundreds meaning instead of few being arrested, they all voluntarily gave themselves out to be humiliated with common objective and determination either Biafra or nothing. Random correlation so far among the women in Biafraland, indicates they are more energetic to do more than expected should they exulted their patient in releasing their fellow women in different detentions, they vowed never to relent on their quest. One of them heats the nail, swallowing Nigeria as they did to soldiers in Abia North Musical Concert held in Ozuakoli, is a task that must be done in no distant time.

Nobody should be discouraged freedom is not given rather taken as Biafra women on a verge in taking it as their inalienable natural right. It does not matter how odd experiences they are undergoing now, our women had long gone beyond Rubicon to withdraw from sacrifices made so far to redeem black race from mental slavery more especially this mere geographical slave camp called Nigeria. Pathetic, those ought to be a source of encouragement more of especially lazy men, are throwing accusations and blames on IPOB leadership to deceive gullible weak mind individuals without neither leading their own grass movement nor providing a solution. Notwithstanding, it is a natural phenomenon seeing those cock up flimsy shaky pressure from pay agents to thwart IPOB resolve, one thing is certain to come rain come sunshine Biafra must come either in peace or in pieces.

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