Tears as soldier killed by Boko Haram are buried (photos)

By Comr. Onyegbula Solomon - TBP
August 06, 2018

Death Death Death everyday and that has become the topic in the lips of every living soul in Nigeria as one prays every day not to fall a victim of such unwarranted death caused either by the Nigerian security operatives stray bullets killing their fellow citizen or Fulani herdsmen killings coupled with the assault of death being meted on our brothers in Nigeria Zoo army of perdition.

How long shall they continue killing our Prophets? When shall we see and read the handwriting on the wall? Whose blood and life will be the next to be sacrificed on the evil altar of one Nigeria in the name of fighting Bokoharam who are being armed to the teeth by those that sent you with inferior weapons to go and fight them? Oh! My fellow Biafrans in the Nigeria Army, what are you waiting for?. Why dying for a failed contraption.

Why is it that our Biafran brothers and sisters serving in the Nigeria Army have not seen that they are marked for destruction in the name of fighting Boko Haram insurgency in this British created zoo called Nigeria. Each time one tune to the news, the first thing to make a headline is that the Nigerian soldiers were ambushed and got killed. A critical assessment carried out shown the names and figures to be 90% Biafrans and Middle Beltans.

Again I ask my fellow Biafran brothers and sisters serving in the Nigerian Army what are you still doing and what are your intentions so far? The Sons of Fulani from Futa Jalon who were previously former heads of state that head Nigeria in different capacity will keep on arming their brothers [Bokoharam terrorists and killer Fulani herdsmen ] to always perpetrate evil, another assessment carried out indicated that our brothers and sisters serving in the Nigerian Army are being given a low-grade ammunition to fight people with sophisticated weaponry, another indication observed to their chagrin is that their commanders always make sure they deploy inexperienced soldiers to these Boko Haram infested areas with a low number of personnel to go and fight their brother.

What send spine down my thinking cap is, how come immediately these soldiers are being deployed, a call will be made to the Bokoharam members by the same people [Commanders] that sent them to go and fight. The next minute, one hear of an ambush on them. What a conspiracy?.
Dear Biafrans in the Nigeria Army, your people back home are vulnerable here, with nobody to defend them against the Sons of Othman Dan Fodio from Futa Jalon, while our enemies send you on a deadly mission to be wiped out thereby make our region porous for invasion.

It is a known fact now that the Nigerian government is not fighting any meaningful war against Bokoharam insurgency nor killer Fulani herdsmen rather the government is busy killing the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra; it is a clear case of you infidel to go and die because by blood you are [a] Biafran[s], the Nigerian government had deployed their foot soldiers in their numbers [the Nigerian Army and Fulani herdsmen], to our communities to rape our sisters and mothers, kill our brothers and fathers, intimidate and humiliate us even in our land, this they do to achieve their Islamization agenda.

My Biafran brothers and sisters serving in the Nigerian Military what are you still waiting for when they are busy here killing your own flesh and blood; our people are dying in the hands of these blood-sucking thirsty beasts that send you to go and die. Please come back home and stand tall in our defense before you all die like cowards rather than brave soldiers; it will be an honor dying for Biafra than dying for Nigeria which is the most stupid thing anybody can do because Nigeria is evil and nobody is a Nigerian.

Come back home and defend your people. If you fail to heed to this call of advice, you might come back home tomorrow and see that your parents or siblings have been killed either by the Nigerian Army you are serving or the killer Fulani herdsmen who are the tyrant Mohammadu Buhari effective willing tools for the propagation of Islam down South; if your life is spared today by our enemies then what is the need for life when you get to see that your family and community has been wiped out by your Nigerian government paymasters.
A word is enough for the wise, had I known always comes at last, that is if you will live to say it.

Edited By: Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi

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