Biafra: Stop The Rebels For The Sake Of Our Future; Charge To Biafran Youths And Elders

Written By Odirachinma Ezeobi - TBP
July 23, 2018

The easiest way to identify a problem is to have a clear examination of the foundation of the problem. I have met roughly six students who so much condemn the situation of things in Nigeria and who are also ready to go to the polls to vote "yes" to Biafra referendum but four out of these six students couldn't get closer to the struggle because of their parents involvement in the Nigerian politics.

One may be tempted to think that they are children of captains of industries or what we may call the political relevant citizens in Nigeria, No they are from families who work their skin out to pay their school fees.
In a discussion class with a student about his family, after lamenting the poor economic situation of his family, one thing led to another and he informed me that his father will be in Abuja for one political party function; at that juncture I got to know his father is a ward leader of a political party.

How can your parents support a nation that denies you opportunity of a better future and a promised tomorrow for peanut?  Your parents out of their meagre jobs pay one hundred and twenty seven thousand [127,000] naira for their children and wards in the university and some lower form of education because they want the best form of education for them and the government is not doing any meaningful thing to revamp the dilapidated education system.

You pay for the shop you built on your fathers land to the government as developmental fee as internal generated revenue; You also pay for tax from your meagre business without even the government putting in place the necessary amenities for the enhancement of a better life yet your parents have the guts to travel round the country in support of one Nigeria.

It is time for the enlightened youths of Biafra to speak to the senses of their parents that keep-on involving themselves in Nigerian dead politics. The best politics you can play today is to support the upcoming Biafra referendum and if for nothing sake just participate for the sake of your children. Biafran youths must rise up and educate their parents and relations why Biafra is the best option for a better tomorrow with emphasis on affordable medical care; crave for quality education for all. Spark up that intent in you and support Biafra referendum.

It is time we charge our parents to stop the rebellion against us by taking crumbs from the murderous Nigerian government table which in return makes us vulnerable and object of mockery before our enemy; we charge our parents to look up and do our biddings this time which is our total freedom from oppressions, neo-slavery, subjugation and marginalization of our resources in terms of revenue sharing formula.

Edited By: Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
Publisher: Chinwe Korie


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