By Kelechi Okorie,

July 27,2018

History entails that over 5000 years of Biafra existence, she is one of the ancient nations that enjoyed peace, tranquility in the neighborhood. Both boundary disputes and internal misconceptions were settled diplomatically with collective ideas of a fair hearing by parties involved. It smoothly paves way for her natural republicanism, respect for life and dignity were guiding principles governing all and sundry with no record of subjugation, captivity or jihad. The social milieu was friendly before White Men came with deceptive developmental adventure in Africa soil, trade by barter for easy transaction suddenly truncated to slave trade; Blacks practically experimented for machine theory in a labor force using Warrant Chiefs to perfect indirect rules in most of their colonies. A mere geographical entity with different diverse culture was amalgamated in 1914 at gunpoint, to stop French domination from then Dahome to other Western African countries.

The vacuum of common value system among the divergent ideological nations named Nigeria makes it impossible to live peacefully, state of nature, anarchy, and upheaval becomes other of the day. Colony’s natural endowments were more valuable than the Indigenous population that owns the land. Servitude with severe torture at the expense of expatriates undeveloped most colonies, pressure mounted for liberation instigated Whites bandits to reshape their exploitative strategy while leaving after the USA abolished colonialism, Britain handed over Nigeria to their Hausa Fulani perfect house slave to enable them to continue unabated imperialism. Perhaps, those intellectually backward always believed Nigeria was handwork of God in order to sculpt impression that she was orderly made not knowing it was a man created for selfish interest of bourgeoisie and political elites only.

The emergence of nation transcendence always beyond human common knowledge due to its inherent organically nature of evolution unlike, boundaries adjustment created by one man Fedrick Lugard, so ashamed, many are ignorant of their origin. Notwithstanding, Britain with her allies conspired obliteration of Biafra from world map at same time mandated erase empirical history in all learning institutions making it difficult for rightful owners of the land to have access for its heritage.

Colonial retrograde effects of White supremacy conceded blacks to abandon its culture for Western believe as a civilization, IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu, took it upon himself to socialize his people out of mental slavery. His sudden disappearance after the Federal government sent pythons in military uniform to dance in his residence with sophisticated armoring that led more than 27 innocent IPOB dead and scores injured. The world seems to have preferred war as a medium of exchange for justice, instead of weighing in as a mediator between Biafra/Nigeria dichotomy they stand aside like spectator watching to see the outcome. Despite, global awareness and ideological consistent to remains peaceful in all ramifications Biafrans are yet to see a positive response from international organizations to forester remedy for this lingering tsunami.

International Criminal Court ICC, a suppose Global last hope for everyone showed she is a replica to Nigeria judicial system making the world believe its existence is a clash irreconcilable civilization. Revolution is in two spheres, peaceful and war. Peaceful radical transformation of the socio-political economy within Biafra periphery through a recognized democratic referendum is what IPOB chooses where equity justice and fairness take preeminence above all human rights violation, regime atrocities in a claim democracy. Unlike Nigeria, fighting with fear and brimstone against indigenous population worrisome, ICC finds it needful to invite a notorious terrorist Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigeria president as a guest speaker to deliver a lecture. Without any further shred of doubt evidence bounds self-defense a panacea for a change of status quo in a damnable expired British creation called Nigeria. Total dissolution of Nigeria only way forward for human inhabitant other than voting in an already rigged election come 2019.

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